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There are certain differences between a tempered glass screen protector and the liquid screen protector. And, as you are here now, it is likely you are instead looking for the best liquid screen protector for your phone. Yes, this review aims to bring you the best liquid screen protector choices.

As of our evaluation and reviews over many of the screen protector types, we have come up the final conclusions. And, finally, it is these top 5 that we feel the most confident with and would want you to consider over.

These liquid screen protectors are extremely effective to prevent scratches and fingerprints. They are best for the protection of your phone screen while very invisible and easy to apply to.

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1.Invisible First Defense NanoGlass Screen Protector + Screen Protect Plus $250 Replacement Guarantee

Our first best liquid screen protector is the brilliant innovation from Invisible First Defence. If you choose to have the liquid protector rather than the tempered glass protector, then here is the product to have a look. It has a super thin layer, and it allows the touch responsiveness to stay perfectly reactive.

In the meantime, it has been proven to work extremely effective in reducing scratches and fingerprints. It has also claimed to eliminate the radiation up to 90 percent including the hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic. The application is, in addition, very easy with no bubble. Especially, when your device screen is curved, the liquide protector is best.

Even better, it comes with 250 dollar replacement warranty in a case this screen protector has been properly used, and it still happens to be wrong, somehow. You could simply register your phone in within 30 days of use. It will be it.

What Is Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

The fact that people find it really work that gets them a full confidence on this. Some said they have applied this protector the screen for around a year now, and there is not a scratch seen. Some others simply said the result from the product is just fantastic for the protection of the screen.

What Isn’t Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

A few meanwhile simply have no idea if this works as it is so invisible. It is something they could not see. Thus, they just rated this as Okay. They need more time to have a check.

2.Liquid Glass Screen Protector by Henchmen Innovations – Invisible 9H Hard Premium Universal Anti Scratch Protective Nano Coating Technology for All Cell Phones

The second option falls to the liquide glass screen protector from Henchmen Innovations. This is a very premium product to protect your phone screen. It is invisible but 9H hard, out of its Nano Coating Technology. It is best for all brands of smartphones and other devices such as tablets.

The protection of this product claims to resist scratches, bacteria, water, and corrosion up to 99 percent. Also, it still provides a crystal clear view with no glare to your screen. The application, on the other hand, is absolutely easy. A simple wipe over the screen is it. There is no bubble left, surely.

While it works to any screen of your electronic devices, its effectiveness is warranted. Should you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you are free to seek for your full refund within 30 days.

What Is Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

People said this liquid screen protector, of course, can’t prevent catastrophe to the phone screen, but to scratches and fingerprint, they are the best. Some else have used the protector on their smart watch, and they found it working great still to seal it from water, such as during swimming.

What Isn’t Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

Some else said they found some scratches still happening to their phone screen though after applying this. They are then doubtful about its effectiveness.

3.Qmadix Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Third, it is this Qmadix Liquid protector to have a check. It has been very well made with strong Nano Technology. Screens with applied liquid protector of this choice are said to be 99.9 percent water repellent. In addition, the strength it offers is 9H while scratches and bacteria are too very resistant.

The protector is invisible, but it surely performs brilliantly in terms of screen protection of those matters. This particular product, meanwhile if you decide to get, will come to you with the replacement guarantee. You could just register your phone, and you will have it noted.

What Is Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

Some said the protector simply is great, and it works brilliantly. Another buyer is happy with this for the fact that after the application, they could still see the screen very well. Generally, people are just delightful having the protection of this choice.

What Isn’t Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

Quite a few people too are not happy with the screen protector. Simply, they can’t see it working well to their phone screens.

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4.Gadget Guard Black Ice Plus Liquid Edition Screen Protector

The fourth best liquid screen protector in our list is the Gadget Guard Protector. This is another amazing product, designed to take care and protect your smartphone screen. This pack of the choice is plenty for one device with a screen up to 10.1 inches, and you will see how effective it is.

This liquide screen protector will work with any of the case you may have. It in addition comes with the screen primer or cleaner too. You could clean up the screen before easily applying the protector. It will work just great.

It prevents scratches and fingerprints, and it will still leave your touch functionality and natural viewing to work the best the device initially could. Just like many, you are likely to satisfy the protector a lot.

What Is Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

People said the price of this is great while it is the easier screen protector they have ever had. The installation is said to be quick and easy while it retains the best touch sensitivity, they added. Generally, people are just happy with this protector.

What Isn’t Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

In the meantime, there are some who have a different experience. One said there are a few scratches till to see while few said they feel the screen start to be dirty quickly after applying the protector.

5.Super Nano Pro Liquid Screen Protector for All Smart Phones and Tablets – Scratch and Shatter Resistant Glass Protection

Last is this super Nano Liquid Screen protector. It is made to work, and it does work well. The screen protector works best on any smartphone either it is Iphone X, XS, XS Max, Samsung Galaxy, or and more. Especially for devices with curved screens, ths screen protector makes things a lot easier.

The protector works extremely well, and that thanks to its Nao Technology, creating the extreme protection in its coating. That effectively prevent scratches and fingerprints to happen into your phone screen. The application is easy. Wiping it on up and down a few time, that is it.

In a case of any dissatisfaction for any reason, the money is there to be refunded without a question asked. This is how the manufacturer is confident with their own product. That too gives you more assurance to have a try with the product.

What Is Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

So many have found it working great. Some are doubtful in the beginning, but after experiencing it for a while, they agree it is a great liquide screen protector. In that, they see very least scratches to happen after a long time of uses.

What Isn’t Great about this Liquid Screen Protector

A few could not straightly go to rate this protect great as they said it is too early to give an evaluation. They have just bought and had a try with the protector, in other words.

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All You Need to Know about Liquid Screen Protector: Buying Guides

As coming here, you might be thinking of getting the liquid screen protector for your phone instead of the traditional tempered glass screen protector. Of course, when it comes to protecting your smartphone screen, you have these two choices to make. And, we will list down the information you need to know before making the choice. First of all you will be introduced about the liquid screen protector as well as how it is different to the tempered glass screen protector. 

Upon getting to know this, you will have the idea if you still want to have the liquid screen protector as your choice. If you do, you may go on to how you can apply the liquid screen protector on your smartphone screen. That piece of knowledge is also important because improper application can not be easily undone. Finally, it is about how to remove the liquid screen protector.

Liquid Screen Protector Vs Tempered Glass Screen Protector

While tempered glass is a piece of protective glass that is made perfectly right to the shape and size of a particular smartphone screen, liquid screen protector is simply the liquid matter, often coming in a little bottle you can use to coat over your smartphone screen. Thus, when you need a tempered glass screen protector, you need to find the one that is exactly made for your particular phone model. Liquid screen protectors instead can go on with any screen, smartphone or even tablet’s. 

Both of these two types of screen protectors have their own pros and cons. Nonetheless, they two seem to have worked really well, protecting the phone screen from scratching and certain impact. Liquid screen protector is, on the other hand, perfectly invisible. Like said, it comes as a coating layer applied to the phone screen. It is good that the coating layer is found very effective to add strength to the screen as well as to protect the screen from being scratched. 

For those who do not like to see and touch the present of the screen protector, they would want this invisible protection instead. They just do not like the bulky feeling of the tempered glass screen protector. Meanwhile, a tempered glass screen protector is easier to apply while you can remove it any time to apply the new one. The whole process can be done by you alone within seconds. And, plenty of choices of tempered glass screen protectors are available. There are thin ones and thick ones. If you do not like the bulkiness of the tempered glass screen protector but still like to get this kind, you can find the thinnest possible. 

In short, the difference between the two types is only the nature of their present on the phone screen. Liquid screen protector will go unseen but harder to remove while tempered glass screen protector will go a bit bulky but can be easily removed any time. However, both have been proven to work really well, preventing scratches and dusts from reaching your smartphone screen. 

How to Apply the Liquid Screen Protector

Again, when you decide to really choose the liquid screen protector to protect your phone screen, it is extremely important that you apply the liquid screen protector properly. And, in our following guides, we will highlight important steps as well as tips you can get to know so that you can do the liquid screen protector application better.

Step 1: To make sure there is everything you need during your application, you may unpack the liquid screen protector you have got and see if they have the three pieces, the liquid screen protector itself, a few alcohol cleaning clothes, and the instruction. These are the three common things you will get in a pack of liquid screen protectors.

Step 2: Take out one cleaning cloth, wipe clean your phone screen thoroughly. It is important that the phone screen is perfectly clean from fingerprints as well as dirt before your application. Otherwise, those can stick extremely strong to your phone screen after the application. After all is done, you may leave it a few minutes to make sure it all dries out well.

Step 3: The little bottle in the pack is that liquid screen protector. After the phone screen is perfectly cleaned and left dried, it is time you can apply the liquid over your phone screen. The important thing in this stage is to distribute the right coating to the screen. So, you could apply it over the screen and rub it firmly to the glass screen. You need to repeatedly wipe and stroke the liquid over the phone screen from top to bottom including all the edges. 

The more thoroughly you can go over the screen, the better the coating will become. Even distribution of the liquid over the screen is key to make it not only strong and effective but also nice looking afterward. Then you need to leave the phone away for about 10 minutes, letting the phone screen dry out and ready for your use again.

Step 4: After about 10 minutes, the liquid will be all good on the phone screen. Nevertheless, there may be some excessive part of the liquid over the phone screen still. Then, you may need to buff all over the screen again, rubbing it and polishing it to finally make the coating very even and invisibly nice looking over your smartphone screen. After all these are good, you can start using your phone again. And, within 24 hours, you may need to repeat all this again if you can still later see some parts that are not well polished during your first time. If you get this right, you will at the end have a very good screen protection for your phone screen without you or anyone else seeing the protector.

How to Remove the Liquid Screen Protector

The nature of the liquid screen protector is going as a coating over the smartphone screen. Thus, it is extremely invisible. That also means it is almost impossible to remove it if you really need to. It is not a simple peeling-off process as you can do with the tempered glass screen protector. Normally, the key to the liquid screen protector is the application. Some of the products come with very good quality while up to 5 years warranty is offered. By this, there seems to be no reason to want to remove it. 

And, for whatever reason, if you really need to remove the liquid screen protector from your smartphone, that needs a good set of skills, tools, and time. And, the process might need to be extremely careful. If you do not have the skills and tools to do it, you could make things even worse. You had better find the right people to do it for you.

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