Best Wide Running Shoes 2022 – Consumer Reports

By reviewthebest December 28, 2021 06:05

It is not too easy to find a nice pair of running shoes online. Of course, there are plenty of designs and brands you could select from. However, to fit your particular feet well, it takes some time for you to check out. It could be a matter of comfort, flexibility, breathability or even durability.

Especially, if you are people with wide feet, you would need certain shoe designs which fit well to your wide feet, and that is difficult. The more details you demand from a pair, the more difficult it is to find. By the way, for today’s review, we are going to brief you on the top best wide running shoes. These 5 pairs are just amazing.

1.ASICS Mens Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

The first best mens running shoes is the Gel-Venture from ASICS. This is a beautiful pair with a lot of design and quality to offer. And, even more, if you are looking for the best wide running shoes for wide feet, the pair is just the one.

Made from synthetic material, rubber soles have been integrated to make this pair a super fine quality running shoe. The upper design is nice, soft, and comfortable, and its lower part is so durable. Having the shaft measuring low top from the arch, this ASICS Shoe has the GEL cushioning system, which adds extra comfort to the experience.

The outsole, on the other hand, has the reversed lugs, offering an amazing traction downhill or uphill. It thus works very well on various types of terrain. The high abrasion rubber used is another plus for the pair, to its outsole.

What Is Great about the Wide Running Shoes

One buyer said they feel great all day with this pair of the wide running shoes. Another is so happy because they have found the shoes fitting perfectly in. The overall quality of the pair, meanwhile, is said to be excellent. These are common reasons why so many have rated it 5 stars.

What Isn’t Great about the Wide Running Shoes

A few, by the way, have not been so pleasant with the pair design, saying it is a bit stiff and not responsive. 

2.ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

As well as the best wide running shoes, this ASICS shoe design is for women who have wide feet. This pair is currently one of the best running shoes for women, and so many buyers and users are just so happy about it. Many coloring styles are available, at the same time.

Being so well constructed from synthetic and rubber material, the shoes have been added with a lot of features targeting superior comfort in the wearing experience. In that, a noticeable feature of this pair is the Rearfoot GEL cushioning system. This is a quality functioning during the impact of movement, and it basically works softly against impact.

The last thing is about smart traction of its outsole, which is perfectly made smooth and effective in terms of movement over different surfaces. The pair, by these qualities, is just very favorable.

What Is Great about the Wide Running Shoes

Some reviews said wearing the shoes is like walking on air. It is soft and very comfortable to wear. A few others like the fact that this shoe design is nice and beautiful. The shoes are generally considered high quality with a nice fit.

What Isn’t Great about the Wide Running Shoes

Some instead find the pair running small. The narrow inside makes it not comfortably fit for them.

3.adidas Originals Kids’ Swift Running Shoe

Next is the Adidas Swift Running Shoes. This particular model is as well the best wide running shoes to have a look in case it is the specific pair of shoes you are looking for. As to the design, this pair is beautifully coloured in many stylings. The shoes by its creative style are just lovely.

This pair has had textile and synthetic materials as the upper part, making the shoes lightweight and quite flexible. Meanwhile, the sole part is too made up from synthetic material. Both parts are matched up at a good construction, allowing the pair to perfect amazingly.

Additionally, a lot of comfort qualities are added such as the cushioning foam, favoring a lot of users. It is these advantages that make this pair one of the best selling wide running shoes, just like now.

What Is Great about the Wide Running Shoes

Some have said they like the way the shoes are detailed. Even better, the overall quality of the pair is excellent. Some buyers are parents buying this for their kids, and it is the fact that their kids like the pair so much that gives them the satisfaction. Comfort has also been mentioned as the favor.

What Isn’t Great about the Wide Running Shoes

Some are a bit upset due to wrong delivery. They have ordered the red pair but white one arrives.

4.NIKE Men’s Tanjun Sneakers, Breathable Textile Uppers and Comfortable Lightweight Cushioning

This actually is another amazing Nike pair for wide feets. At the same time that the pair has a stunning design, its quality is excellent, a lot of comfort and lightweight are in the pair construction, making it very favorable.

Totally, synthetic material has been used to make up the upper of the pair while the sole is rubber. Along with breathable textile and cushioned foam, this nike shoe is incredibly comfortable to wear. 

 As to the midsole, an outsole of the construction, they are very impact absorbing, delivering a super nice feeling of touch to users. If you love the design of this, you too are going to like the wearing experience the pair serves.

What Is Great about the Wide Running Shoes

It is a sign of high satisfaction when buyers, in their reviews, said this pair is the most comfortable shoes they have ever owned. With similar good feedback like this, this shoe has been rated top to 5 stars. 

What Isn’t Great about the Wide Running Shoes

So few negative comments are found, and common complaints are over wrong size, narrow snug, and some durability issues.

5.New Balance Men’s Kaymin V1 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

If you love the New Balance brand and are looking for the best wide running shoes, this is going to be a good choice to consider. This shoe model is the Men’s Kaymin V1 Running Shoe, having a durable look and attractive appearance to offer.

To make, textile and synthetic elements are used along with its rubber sole. The shoe pair is 10mm drop, and it has the high quality outsole that could deal with different terrain very well with a good traction. In addition, it features the NB response 2, which is another performing insert to serve.

Meanwhile, this lovely wide running shoe is available in many color choices, and it has an affordable price you will be happy with. The pair, overall, is just so nice as among the best wide running shoes for you.

What Is Great about the Wide Running Shoes

One review is pleasant with the fact that the shoes are true to its size. Some others said the pair has a good design, and the comfort is high and interesting. Being found best for long running and trail running is another reason the pair is rated 5 stars.

What Isn’t Great about the Wide Running Shoes

Few find the shoes fitting well and comfortable but feel that they are cheaply made.

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