Review the Best Iphone 7 Cases for Girls 2022 – Consumer Reports

By reviewthebest October 18, 2018 02:44

Best iphone 7 cases for girls are here for you. As you are here, you might be likely looking for some amazing cases for your iphone 7. All the listed cases in the following reviews are the best iphone 7 cases for girls.

They are nicely designed for girls while their qualities are great. You could take some minutes and check through if you are really looking for one. You will find your favorite one.

1.ULAK iPhone 7 Case for girls

Beautifully designed in pink, this is the ULAK iphone case for girls. It has a slim case with great fit, and it will be the right size for your particular iPhone 7 with its 4.7 inch.

However, it will not be compatible with iphone 7 plus, which its screen is 5.5 inch. As of the appearance, you could see a few nice things about this case. It has black and white horizontal stripes while leaving a hole for Apple logo to stand out.

Meanwhile, it is a beautiful cut around camera lense at the top right corner. These little things go up together very well, making it look so nice. Regarding the make, this is a hybrid cover, producing from hard polycarbonate along with soft TPU for inside.

With this case on, you will feel free from your iphone being scratched while its design is so nice for girls, to be specific.

What Is Great about This Item

Many female buyers find this case very cute and pretty. As well, another nice thing is the fact that it fits extremely well, and they find it very sturdy. It is a good protection, in the meantime.

What Isn’t Great about This Item

A few buyers do not think that it is durable enough for long life.

2.JAHOLAN iPhone 7 Case, iPhone 8 Case Girl Floral Clear TPU Soft Slim Flexible Silicone Cover Phone case iPhone 7 iPhone 8

Our second best iphone 7 case for girls for now is Jaholan Case. This is another beautiful design, and it is built just for iphone 7 and iphone 8. The rest might not work with this case.

This case is, first of all, best for eye catching design. The back cover is in transparent with rose patterns in many styles. If you are happy with the look, you could go around checking for the kind of rose pattern over the case you like the most.

At the same time, this case is among the high quality make, having the main material as Glossy Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane. It will help protect your phone from scratch perfectly. It is so easy to install and install, in addition.

What Is Great about This Item

Looking great for girls is one good common review users placed over the case. Some others find the case very strong and protective, and that makes them feel so good about the case. Even better, people find the price is great at this high quality.

What Isn’t Great about This Item

A few think their ones got scratches easily, making the case look old after awhile.

3.iPhone 7 Case, iPhone 7 Clear Case, MOSNOVO White Henna Mandala Floral Lace Clear Design Printed Transparent Hard Case with TPU Bumper Protective Back Case Cover for iPhone 7

Made to fit perfectly with iphone 7, this is a great case with great protection, and it has the best design for girls. Having two layers combined between TPU frame and solid back plate, the case is shock absorbing and well scratch resistant.

This makes its functionality as a protective case great. As for appearance, this case is in ultra clear. The body is slim and transparent, revealing the phone look while it has added flowering pattern, making it even more attractive. This is really a fashionable case for girls to have.

On the other hand, this case is among the very popular ones, and it has a good affordable price to get. Finally, you will not find it difficult to install or uninstall the case from your iphone.

What Is Great about This Item

According to the review statistic, this is an incredible iphone 7 case for girls. It has, by this time, been reviewed over 1000 times, and among those, 88 percent has got it 5 stars. Extremely high satisfaction is achieved while common comments are over its beautiful design and solid scratch resistant build of the case.

What Isn’t Great about This Item

Some find it is a little bit slippery to hold this phone, and other than this, they feel it is a great case.

4. iPhone 8 Case, iPhone 7 Case – 6 Pcs Shock-absorption Soft TPU Rubber Skin Bumper Case Transparent Crystal Clear

This is so much as a great deal. This case package is made to fit perfectly with iphone 7 and iphone 8, and it has up to 6 pieces. They have the same build design but with different skins you could enjoy with. You may switch or change after one is getting old.

These cases are brand new with high quality materials used. It is a combination between soft TPU rubber for shock absorption, rubber skin, and transparent body. It in addition will offer very good and natural grip to the phone, making it amazing for protection as well as fashion.

For installing, it takes a small comfortable push. Many have liked the look as well as its service. It should serve you that much too.

What Is Great about This Item

To many, this is a good buy for them. Some of those expressed it as “Exactly What I Wanted. It simply is protective enough while the design is beautifully pretty, especially for girls.

What Isn’t Great about This Item

Some others find it thin and flimsy. They feel it looks cheap.

5.iPhone 7 Case,iPhone 8 Case,DOUJIAZ Shiny Rose Gold White Marble Design Clear Bumper TPU Soft Case Rubber Silicone Skin Cover for iPhone 7

The last best iphone 7 cases for girls is the product of DOUJIAZ. This is a shiny design with creative painting appearance. This iphone case is perfect for girls in its pinkish look. And, you will find it only compatible with iphone 7 and iphone 8 which the screen size is 4.7 inches.

While this looks so eye catching, the case is also very protective. It is made for good quality materials such as TPU soft rubber as well as silicone skin cover.

This prevents scratch from easily happening to your phone and the case. Likewise, it has great cuts to all buttons and camera len for convenient control you would want to have.

What Is Great about This Item

The majority of buyers have loved the case. 77% of all review are five stars. That is amazing, obviously. And, great design with attractive appearance is one common reason why there is a lot of like over the case. Also, it fits extremely well.

What Isn’t Great about This Item

A few is a little bit upset as they have found their own turning yellow over the edges.

By reviewthebest October 18, 2018 02:44