Best Womens Lacrosse Cleats 2022 – Consumer Reports

By reviewthebest December 28, 2021 06:21

This review is all about the best womens lacrosse cleats. Therefore, if this is the particular type of shoes you are looking for, you will see some very good designs in the following list. They are also of a very good quality standard, unique in designs as well as cushioning in comfort.

Our team has checked and examined so many pairs which are being popular, and among all those we feel good about for the first impression, we have further compared and selected only the top 5 pairs to introduce and briefly review for your consideration in this. You could just spend a few minutes looking through the list, and you will likely find your favorite pair well and easily.

1.Under Armour Women’s Lax Highlight MC Lacrosse Shoe

The first best womens lacrosse cleats is the pair from Under Armour. This shoe is totally designed for women as it has a fashionable and feminine design. It is stylish and looks quite nice with its high top and the lacing closure.

Both the upper part and sole of the pair are made from synthetic material. That gives out a lot of lightweight and extra comfort. The shaft in the pair measures about 5.5 inch from the arch. This is such a good support, indeed. Another good feature of the shoe is the UA ClutchFit Wrap. The layer is best to give you a good feel and support as soon as you put the shoes on.

In the meantime, you will see the strategic embroidery in certain areas of the upper. That offers lockdown support. Along this, interior foam has been added for even more of the cushioning comfort while reducing heel slip.

What Is Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

Some reviewers have found a great support to their ankles wearing the pair, and they said it is a great pair of shoes. Actually, this is really a popular pair to female lacrosse players as up to 73 percent of all the reviewers rated it 5 stars.

What Isn’t Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

A few then find the pair a bit narrow. Actually, incorrect sizing has been the issue for quite a few buyers. They as a result could not feel the best out of the pair.

2.Under Armour Women’s Lax Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe 11.5K

Also from Under Armour, this is the Turf Lacrosse Shoe for women. It has a low top design with a lot of fashionable styling into its upper. As to this option, there are two colors available. One is a thorough white, and the other is a combination of white and black.

To the material elements, textile and synthetic have been mixed to bring this nice construction to you. It is lightweight, breathable and very durable. The shoe measures midtop from the arch, enhancing quite a nice support. In the meantime, the Die-CUT EVA sockliner of the pair is very pressure friendly. It offers more of the underfoot comfort.

The outsole instead is patterned rubber with small lugs to ensure incredible grip and traction while giving you the natural feel. This is also the feature that makes the pair very favorable.

What Is Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

Some have loved the pair dearly right out of the box, and they feel even better after putting them on and experiencing a lot of comfort. Some buyers are parents, and they feel delighted too as their daughters seem to love the pair badly.

What Isn’t Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

A couple of the reviews experienced the pair and said it runs small. And, they recommend going for a size up if you want to buy.

3.New Balance Women’s Burn X 1 Speed Lacrosse Shoe

Nicely designed in gray with the big letter N in, this is the Speed Lacrosse Shoe from New Balance. And, its totality of the look is just for women. This pair is so lovely and useful for many reasons to note. First of all, it is about the quality materials used to construct the pair.

It has rubber used as the sole while the upper material is synthetic. This surely contributes a lot to the very lightweight nature of the pair. A good breathability and flexibility are as well there. As to the outsole of the shoes, TPR is the one. You will see the Exploweave too. And, to the lungs there are, you are going to experience amazing traction too, out of its grip. 

In brief, the pair has a very lovely design, and it is even better when its quality and wearing usability is quite reliable. If you too love how it looks and want a try, there is nothing to worry about much.

What Is Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

This is a newly released pair. And, at this point of time, there has not been any actual customer review yet. We will keep this update once there is.

What Isn’t Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

We will bring comments and complaints over the pair later once there are.

4.adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

Next best womens lacrosse cleats are the Adidas pair with the stylish design you could see above. This is the Soccer Shoe many women love so much. At the same time that its design is nice, the shoe construction is super high quality and highly comfortable to wear.

It has the synthetic upper and synthetic sole. The shoes are well made by the materials to bring out a good lightweight performance, the cushioning comfort as well as extreme durability. It measures just the low top from the arch for the shaft. If so it is what you are looking for, the shoes are even nicer. 

The design of the outsole, in addition, has all the focus over the maximum traction, and it does especially to the dry natural grass round. The pair is just a lovely pair, and it simply has all the qualities and features you need for the soccer game.

What Is Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

Finding the shoes fit as expected, it gets love by so many of the women. Some parents have bought the pair for their daughters and are happy that their daughters said the shoes are comfortable and fit well. The size, additionally, is said to be true by a couple.

What Isn’t Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

Some instead have found, with their experience, the pair is narrow and not so comfortable. Indeed, finding the correct size is so important when looking for a pair of shoes.

5.New Balance Women’s Recovery v1 Transition Lacrosse Shoe

This last pair is the Women’s Recovery V1 Transition from New Balance. Talking about the look, the shoes are extremely beautiful mesh-like upper. So many coloring options are available, at the same time. You could pleasantly select the one you like.

Synthetic material is 100 percent used to produce its upper. The material for the sole is the same, synthetic. As to the medial sections of the pair, TPU is used, and that enhances a lot of stability, durability, and traction of the pair. This is so nice in a pair of shoes like this.

Even more, it has the Triad flex system featuring the rip stop prongs. The quality is meant to offer both the best of flexibility and fit. The vaportek moisture management liner is as well a very favorable quality of the pair. The fact that it dries quickly makes you feel comfortable.

What Is Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

The footbed of the pair is said to be quite massaging and comfortable, in the meantime. Other than this, people love the pair as they find it fit great, easy to clean and nice looking. As such, 64 percent of all the reviews gave this the 5 star rating straight.

What Isn’t Great about the Womens Lacrosse Cleats

Few instead feel the footbed of the pair is a bit hard and not so comfortable when walking. They said it feels like stepping on the hard plastic thing.

By reviewthebest December 28, 2021 06:21