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By reviewthebest September 25, 2018 23:45

Best travel tripod is best mate for those who like capturing the moments during their travel either in images or videos. For such a common accessory like best travel tripod, it is not difficult at all to find one. So many choices are available. It just consumes time to find a good looking with high quality construction one.

As to help filter some for you, our team of 4 has gone through to review many best travel tripod designs to find the ones worth recommending. As a result from the long hours working, we are sure we have found some interesting best travel tripod options for you. You may have a look at the following review, and you will know why these ones are top rated.

1.Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod Lightweight Aluminum for DSLR SLR Canon Nikon Sony Olympus DV with Carry Bag

Mactrem PT55 is the first best travel tripod for today. This beautiful design is made very light from aluminum. This material is of the best type for this tripod product, and you will find it serving well for various DSLR cameras. Another material included is the engineering plastic. These two materials push this travel tripod to the top.

Also, the tripod is designed to bend compact to let you install it easily during the trave. Actually, a carry bag is added into the package. It will help you wrap and bring the tripod with you without any hassle. Talking about the feature, the swivel function of this worth noticing.

It could be rotated 360 degree to allow your shooting comfortable and convenient. The 4 section legs are also great so that you could adjust the height as to what you need for the best shoot.

What Is Great about This Item

70% of the review over this tripod is 5 stars. Mostly, people are happy with the item because they get served by its professional quality while it is obvious the tripod is strong and very steady to use. Meanwhile, the height is made easily adjustable through its leg section.

What isn’t Great about This Item

A few are not so happy with the item. Some find it with so many plastic parts while some feel it offers less utility.

2.MeFOTO Classic Aluminum Roadtrip Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit

Another beautiful roadtrip tripod is the MeFOTO kit. This best travel tripod has aluminum as its main material with very proper construction. As a result from this, it comes with 5 year warranty to ensure the best confidence in users’ purchase. For one feature, the tripod has a rotating panning.

It could be moved 360 degree to what angle you need for the shooting. The adjustable height with smart lock provides good flexibility as well as secure stand to hold your camera at the top safely.

Also, the attached ballhead of this tripod is the precision matched Q series which allows easy quick release plate. The 5 leg section is a nice and demanded quality the design offers.

What Is Great about This Item

Well constructed with high sturdiness is one of the best qualities in this travel tripod that so many are happy about. Some others like the fact that this design is compact and very easy to pack and travel with.

What isn’t Great about This Item

Some find the key durability of the travel tripod is on the secure hold. However, once that has a problem, the rest will too.

3.ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Magnesium Aluminium Travel Tripod

Looking quite nice and professional, this next best travel tripod is ZoMei Z818. This is a super lightweight tripod best for travel. The tripod is constructed very strong by aluminum as the material. It is actually compact with foldable legs. That makes it short and small to carry around without a problem. In addition, it features multi functions.

This particular tripod could once be used as a usual tripod or converted into a full size monopod. This is a superior utility of the product. However, the stability of the design is as well high. It has the column hook that will secure all the work for you.

Finally, it is how easy the setup is that makes you happy. Once you have setup your scene to shoot, you can easily setup this tripod quickly. The rest will be your time to enjoy your work.

What Is Great about This Item

Excellent overall quality has made this tripod very lovely, and many are happy with their money spending on the tripod. The good construction is one good feature many like, and some have stressed their satisfaction over this item over the compact and sturdiness the tripod is that makes it very good for use.

What isn’t Great about This Item

For few who rated this item only 3 stars out of 4, one has their tripod bag broken after a few use, and another feels that the tripod can’t take heat well that the glue might melt and drop the legs out.

4.BONFOTO Q111 Camera Tripod 55-inch Compact Lightweight Travel Tripod with Phone Holder Mount

Made attractively in black and navy blue, this is one of the best travel tripod designs available online. Its height is 55 inches but could be adjusted easily. At the same time, it is made from aluminum alloy and ABS plastic. These two materials are of a high quality while making it extremely lightweight.

However, it is strong and super sturdy to securely hold your DSLR or smartphone well for your shooting. The pan head, on the other hand, could be swiveled three ways.

That brings up good flexibility for shooting. And, it is so easy to put on and off. The holding weight of the tripod is 2.75 lbs which it will work well with most digital camera these days. Another interesting feature is it has the precision bubble level to enable more of efficiency.

What Is Great about This Item

Obviously as a great buy to many, this tripod exceeds one’s’ expectation. It is lightweight and pretty easy to use as mentioned by some users. The fact that its height is extendable and easy to adjust through the sections, it serves for good flexibility and utility. Importantly, it has been found to work well as many have expected.

What isn’t Great about This Item

So few has decided not to review this 5 stars. Some just feel cheap over the item as there is too much of plastic part on the build.

5.Rangers 57” Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod with 360° Panorama Ball head, ideal for travel and work

As a very innovative design, this is the Rangers 57 inch which is another incredible design as the best travel tripod. The design, as seen, is so professional and high in quality standard.

The main material is aluminum which makes the weight extremely light but very strong. And, it comes with the panorama ball head which is rotatable 360 degree. Meanwhile, you will find this best travel tripod very convenient to setup with quick release flip-lock to let you adjust the weight at your want.

As this design is compact, it makes itself very portable which is an important quality for travel. Other than this, it has 2 year warranty in place to ensure more of the trust for buyers.

What Is Great about This Item

Many buyers find themselves very glad to have bought this travel tripod. The main reason is the fact that it serves well for shooting during the travel, being light, compact and very sturdy.

What isn’t Great about This Item

A few feel that this travel tripod is best for light use but not for heavy duty shooting tasks.

By reviewthebest September 25, 2018 23:45