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By reviewthebest April 10, 2019 05:55

Staring at computer screen for too long is not a healthy habit for our eyes. However, sometimes, it is necessary because our work is to need to be with the computer. Though so, you would need to rest your eyes properly between times. Likewise, if you could, you had better find the best computer screen protector for eyes to help.

A good one could work to ease more stress to your eyes, and it will help to protect your eyes, to an extent. As you are here, it is likely you are looking for the item. And, yes, indeed. This review is about bringing you the best computer screen protectors.

In the following list, the top 5 of them are briefly reviewed and introduced to your consideration. They are of different sizes to different screen sizes, and they are all very high in terms of quality to protect the computer screen as well as your eyes.

1.EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector Panel for 23 and 24 inch Diagonal LED PC Monitor

EYES PC is one of the best computer screen protectors to have a check. This particular protector is made with a good quality, and it fits in well to the screen at 23 and 24 inches. What it mainly does is blocking the blue light, which is, in other words, the protection of your eyes when you need to work with computer a lot.

This screen protector is claimed to block harmful UV light and HEV Blue light 100 percent along with its color transmittance. Such quality will help you ease the eye strain problems, occuring by staring too much at the computer screen. The screen protector, in addition, is best for PC at home, office, or even the eSport and eGaming screen.

The installation, in the meantime, is comfortably easy. The screen protector has been designed to make it fit well to monitors and easy to absorb in. Removing it is just as easy as installation.

What Is Great about the Computer Screen protector

Yes, so many have loved this screen protector and rated it 5 stars. This too makes it one of the best selling screen protector for PC. In that, some people said the screen protector is actually eye saver to them. It additionally enhances the quality of the viewing while glaring is not there.

What Isn’t Great about the Computer Screen Protector

A few have said the screen protector working great, but you had better not stay in the place where there is a window or door behind. The reflection will make you difficult to view your computer screen.

2.VINTEZ 24 Inch Computer Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Computer Monitor – Anti-Glare – Anti-Scratch Protector Film for Data confidentiality – We Offer 2 Different 24″ Filter Sizes

Next is the computer screen protector from VINTEZ. This particular item fits perfectly to the screen with 14 inches in size. Widescreen monitor is the type this screen protector is designed for. In that, it offers a lot of features to serve your privacy, your eyes, and the monitor protection.

Especially in public area where you need to keep your privacy, this protector is best since it will look black to others from sides and viewable only to you from the front. It, in addition, has the micro-louver technology to prevent glare and scratches from happening. It is best for Samsung, HD, Acer, Asus, Dell, and lots more computer screens.

Likewise, double benefits have been designed into this screen protector. While it helps to protect the screen itself, it is too very friendly for your eyes since you often will have to stare at it for long every day. In this, the screen protector could reduce harm UV up to 96 percent while curbing blue light up to 65%.

What Is Great about the Screen protector

The computer screen protector costs a bit more than the rest. However, many agree that it has a superior quality. They are also very happy with the customer service of the seller. The fact that they find it easy to install while it proves to work great for the protection purposes has made them very satisfied.

What Isn’t Great about the Screen Protector

A couple have said the privacy feature of this screen protector is not enough. People still can read their screen, somehow.

3.Monitor Privacy Screen 22” – Info Protection for Desktop Computer Security – Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch, Blocks 96% UV – Matte or Gloss Finish Privacy Filter Protector

If your computer screen is instead 22 inches, then this is the screen protector that will fit yours perfectly. And, this item has had a very good quality to give you a lot of peace of mind to your computer screen as well as a lot of comfort to your eye strains when you need to stare at it a lot.

The first good feature of this screen protector is the privacy. This protector has been integrated with the adaptix privacy filter. It is best to use at home and at work when you do not want everyone to see your screen easily. At the same time, you will see it perfectly scratch resistant, anti-glare, and easy to install.

In the meantime, the screen protector could block most of harmful UV light and blue light from the monitor, giving you a lot of comfort to read and view your computer screen for a long time. This is actually a very good computer screen protector for eyes.

What Is Great about the Screen protector

Quit many have tried the screen protector for their monitor, and most end up loving the screen protector so much. The quality is said premium while the installation is a piece of cake. A few other features such as high privacy and anti-glare are too what people have found working well in this.

What Isn’t Great about the Screen Protector

After the installation, some have found the screen turning bluish. And, the rest is working fine for them.

4.GeckoCare 27 Inch Privacy Screen Filter for LCD Widescreen Computer Monitor and & Latest 27inch iMac Retina 5K – Anti-Glare

The fourth into our list is this GeckoCare screen protector. Made to work best for LCD widescreen, the protector fits well to the 27 inch monitor with the ratio of 16:9. It would be perfect to install this to the 27 inch iMac Retina 5K. Even more, the protector has had the privacy filter, stopping the view to be visible for people around outside the 60 degree.

Within the pack, there are two options you could use to easily install this protector to your monitor screen, the adhesive attachment strips and the slide mount tabs. With one of these options, you could do so effortlessly. In addition, a good eye protection is too in the screen protector for PC.

What it does is simply reducing most of the blue light and UV, which could be so disruptive to your eyes when you have to view the monitor for a long time, often. Finally, the screen protector, if you decide to get it, will come to you with a promise that you could always claim the refund if you are not happy with it.

What Is Great about the Screen protector

A couple like this screen protector for the fact that it really blocks people from seeing the confidential information over the screen. Some others are delightful simply because they found it fitting well into their screen, and it sticks well in.

What Isn’t Great about the Screen Protector

One review has warned that this screen protector might be of an issue to computer screen which has the touch feature. And, one of the few finds installing the protector hell yeah difficult. It took them up to half an hour to do it.

5.24 inch (Diagonally Measured) Widescreen 16:10 Ratio Computer Privacy Screen Filter for Desktop LCD Monitor Display, Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch Protector Film. Check Your Monitor Size

Of this too very good computer screen protector for eyes, it has so many sizes available. You could select the one that is right to your monitor size. Nevertheless, for this specific one, it is the protector that works with 24 inch monitors.

It has a good protective feature for the monitor itself, first of all. It is anti-glare, scratch resistant, and very friendly for the viewing. The quality of this is just exceptional. Even better, it has a good privacy block to serve. There is an added filter into the screen protector, and it keeps people away from seeing your confidential data on the screen.

To the eye protection, the screen protector for computer works well to reduce a significant amount of blue light as well as UV light, which could be of harm to your eyes. Moreover, the protector is so easy to install while 12 month warranty is in place to assure you.

What Is Great about the Screen protector

Buyers love this and rate it 5 stars, mostly. They simply feel the protector is what they are looking for. It fits perfectly, it serves great for privacy protection, and it helps reduce eye strains, according to some comments. Generally, they consider it as a good protection to their monitor and eyes.

What Isn’t Great about the Screen Protector

After installing, a couple have said they found it hard to see their own screen. Another has asked for more of the anti glare feature, saying they still see the glare happening.

By reviewthebest April 10, 2019 05:55