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By reviewthebest May 15, 2019 10:10

What is the better option—plastic or wooden toys for your beloved kids. Of course, wooden toys is the ideal option for them. Apart from being made of wood which is also known as renewable resource, it also provides many other benefits. In term of durability, it lasts longer and is easy to take care for than rubber or plastic based toys.

Below, we have compiled top five wooden toys for your consideration. We highlighted some key features of each item which can help children to develop some skills and unleash their imagination.

1. TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Car, Best Wooden Toys

Are you looking for something not just a typical toys for your kids to play with? Look no further, TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys is definitely the ideal choice for you. This toddler ramp race track toy is rated as Amazon’s Choice for one year old boy toys.

Unsurprisingly, it is made of high quality wood, BPA free and stained with bright non-toxic water-based paint. Plus, you don’t have to worry about wheels falling off or pieces coming a part. Having said that, the wheels cannot be pulling out without violent destruction, and the vehicles passed tensile tests of ASTM. More importantly, the cars are large enough not to risk suffocation even for your children. Unlike other toys, it also encourages the development of your toddler’s hand-eye coordination, attention span, and communication skills.

This package comes with one ramp race track, one parking lot, and four cars. As this toddler toy is very well packed in a sturdy colorful box it makes perfect gifts for your children.

What Is Great about this Item:

As a whole buyers were delighted with this item as everything is well made of wood. Product quality is strong and resistant to fall. Even though the surface paint bright they don’t fade easily. Besides, the cars’ size aren’t small, so it can prevent the child swallowing.

What Isn’t Great bout this Item:

Nonetheless, there were few buyers were not pleased with this product. They highlighted the car included with this toy are too small to be safe for toddlers. It’s possible choking hazard to any kids that still puts things in their mouth.

2. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube Classic Wooden Toy, Developmental Toy, Easy-to-Grip Shapes, Sturdy Wooden Construction, 12 Pieces

Limited your kids screen time, yet spare more times for unstructured play, which inspire their imagination. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube Wooden Toy is basically one of a kind you searching for. This toy is known as Amazon’s Choice for Shape Sorter.

With classic learning activity, this colorful toy for toddlers is sure to promote color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills. This beautifully constructed wooden toy equips with 12 bright-colored, and different shapes which is very easy for kids to grip. Each shape is carefully designed to fit through a matching hole on the wooden cube.

In term of durability, this toy is made to last as it is composed of sturdy wooden construction. With this toy, it obviously encourages and engages your children to experience hand-on learning. Notably, this toy also has been called “the gold standard in early childhood play” by NBC News.

The manufacturer keeps inspire your kids as well as ignite imagination and wonder. As a result, it allows your children discover themselves, their passions, and their purposes.

What Is Great about this Item:

There were many customers very happy and astounded at the quality of this item since all shapes are all solid wood and painted nicely. This toy also provides great interaction with kids because can learn the color and shape at the same time.

What Isn’t Great bout this Item:

In contrast, few customers were unsatisfied with product quality. They stated the top easily falls off when you turn it. Therefore, the shapes keep falling out with little splinters of the wood.

3. Wooden Cars Infant Toys – Hape Wooden Toy Cars Airplane Truck and Helicopter Baby Wooden Toys, Tummy Time Push Toys Wooden Toddler Toys

What is so special about wooden toys, well they withstand lots of rough and more appealing than plastic equivalent. In case you are on the hunt for one, Wooden Cars Infant Toys is the right option for your kids. It is basically designed to bring joy to any kids.

When it comes to durability, this toy is 100% made from wood, which is tough enough to stand the test of time. This set is composed of 4 different vehicles namely wood car, wood truck, wood helicopter, and wood air plan. Since it is crafted in non-toxic wood, parents can trust these super safe wooden toys. Regarding to shape, it is small enough to hold while it’s too big to eat.

Thanks to its simple shapes and bright colors, this educational truck and airplane toys were painted in blue, red, green, and yellow. Hence, these infant toys basically allow your children to learn about primary colors and shapes. It’s such a great learning toys for your kids

What Is Great about this Item:

Over all, many consumers were very glad with their purchase. It is the best deal on wooden toys they have ever seen. They also shared these toys are sturdy and have held up without paint chipping for the several months they’ve had them.

What Isn’t Great bout this Item:

On the other hand, few consumers were frustrated with this product. They underlined the paint is already chipping after only two weeks of light use by kids. Since the paint came off easily, it might causes once the paint is in the kids’ mouth.

4. Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker Toddler Toy

Speaking of wooden toys, Melissa & Doug is well-known for what they made for children out there. Likewise, Geometric Stacker Toddler Toy is one of its product line, which selected as Amazon’s Choice for Shape Sorter.

This toddler toy set includes 25 colorful wooden pieces of rings, octagons, and rectangles. Plus, it also features three rods, which can match and stack on. Owing to high-quality construction, this toy is made from durable and child safe material which deliver exceptional quality and value. Due to classic design and quality craftsmanship, this toy never goes out of style. With its sturdy construction, it ensures to last through years of hands-on play and learning.

Even more, it definitely helps children to build multiple skills. For that reasons, they can learn early shape, color, and size differentiation skills, as well as strengthen hand-eye coordination. Other than that, it also allow kids to develop and hone fine motor skills, and encourage problem-solving.

What Is Great about this Item:

Many purchasers generally had a positive opinion toward the product. They agreed the wood construction is so sturdy and very vintage with today’s look and high standards. Moreover, its bright colors and intriguing design makes this a perfect gift for very young children to practice coordination.

What Isn’t Great bout this Item:

Nevertheless, few purchasers expressed their disappointment and complained some of the paint chipped off almost immediately. Within a week, both pegs came out and exposing the glue, which is surely not safe for kids to put in their mouth.

5. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet

Have you been thinking about getting some sort of peg-pounding toy for your children? Pounding Bench Wooden Toy is perfect choice for those little ones who like to bang on things. It also the product line of Melissa Doug that is selected as Amazon’s Choice for Melissa and Doug Toy.

Exceptionally, this toy helps children develop and practice fine motor skills. And children indeed can name the colors through the action of the pegs. With colorful, non-removable pegs on the bench, they can go up and down.

And therefore, they let your kids to play peekaboo, taking turns showing their friendly smiles. Additionally, this wooden toy set with mallet is made from durable wooden construction. And each component is made of solid wood that is designed for superior strength and longevity while the built-in pegs are non-removable.

Undoubtedly, the manufacture ensures that your children having a good time as well as instantly inspire to learn and grow through playing. With the highest-quality standard, it keeps nurture your kids’ minds and hearts.

What Is Great about this Item:

Most users were very satisfied with this wooden toy. They praised that it is super heavy and durable which can take all the abuse a rough and tough toddlers. It’s holding up nicely after being tossed around the floor or flung out of a playpen onto hardwood floors.

What Isn’t Great bout this Item:

However, there were few users were regretful with their purchase. They complaint this toy didn’t even last a week with normal use. The dowel running across the bottom wasn’t glued in securely, and some of the paint on the top of the pins has begun to chip off.

By reviewthebest May 15, 2019 10:10