Review the Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls 2022 – Consumer Reports

By reviewthebest April 18, 2019 09:23

When looking for the toys for your girls, it is important that you get the right toys. Right toys simply means that she likes them, and they are safe for her. Of this list below, we have collected the best toys for 5 year old girls for you to consider. If your girls are 5, and you want to find some lovely toys for them, the list will satisfy you well.

All these toys for girls are among the very popular ones. They are well made and nicely designed to be so attractive to girls. Importantly, some of them come with a lot of good learning during playing. It will start to teach your little girls about the everyday things. By the way, it is only when you go through them you know which one is best for her.

1.Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Kids

Among the best toys for 5 year old girls, the Townley Nail Polish set is the one which is so lovely. These nail polish set is made for little girls to have fun with while they come with various colors girls could play around with. For occasion like Birthday, this is such a great gift idea.

In addition, this nail polish is of a high quality. It is easy to brush on, it quickly dries up, and it looks beautiful after the application. There too are no worries about the stains of this happening to your carpet, toys, or clothes. It is not going to.

When you need to remove them away, there is not a need for nail polish remover. You could simply peel them off. That is it. Also very importantly, the nail polish set is surely very safe for kids age 3 and above.

What Is Great about this Toy for Girls

Many parents who have bought this for their girls have found it to surprise the girl a lot. They are happy when they see their girl like it, saying it is cute. Some others are delightful over this set of the fact that there are lots of colors, less odor, and very easy to peel off.

What Isn’t Great about this Toy for Girls

One review was not happy, and they said their delivered set of the nail polish seems to be the used one. Another feels the nail polish is too easily peel-off, just after the application.

2.Stencils and Drawing Art Set for Kids – Educational Toys to Enhance Children’s Creativity & Travel Activities Kit – Loved by Parents Platinium Award

The second option too for girls is the stencils and Drawing Art Set. This is a lovely and cute set of activity provoking toys for girls, especially. It is fun to play with, and it will enhance a lot of creativity during the play.  In this set, there are the 12 stencils boards, 13 pencils of different colors, the sketchpad, and more.

It is just plenty of things girls could have fun playing with and unleash their creativity out. There is too a case included. Thus, after the play, kids could get them in easily for the next play. This art set is designed best for girls age 4,5, and 6, mainly.

All these toys and art set are made very well with BPA free plastic, and they are all non-toxic. They are extremely safety at a very high standard. Even more, if you find your girls do not like the set, you could simply return and ask for your 100 percent money back.

What Is Great about this Toy for Girls

Some reviews seem to be grandfathers, and they said their grandchildren love the set a lot. Some have got this as their gift for their girls during birthday and Christmas. And, they found it is a great idea which their girls have fun, drawing for a hour with it, to begin with.

What Isn’t Great about this Toy for Girls

A few think that the set is generally very nice. Nonetheless, certain pieces in the toys seem to be a little bit small and not easy to play with. Another one not happy buyer said they disappointed when they were above to open the pack, and the zip actually did not work.

3.SOTOGO 270 Count Snap Beads Pop Beads Art Crafts for DIY Jewelry Making Set Toys (Do Not Need String) – Hair Clasp,Necklace, Bracelet and Ring, Best Toys Gift

As well one of the best toys for 5 year old girls, this is the SOTOGO art crafts. This set of toys is totally for girls, playing around DIY Jewelry Making. There are up to 270 pieces in this set, and girls could use their creativity to come up with a lovely jewelry, out of them.

Particularly, there are hair clasps, rings, and bracelets within the package with different sizes and colors. The toy is just very beautiful and nice to mix and create a new look of the jewelry. This kind of toy is not only lovely and attractive to girls but also very helpful to enable them to think, play, and recreate something new.

The last thing there is about this toy package is it has a very shape with pop beads which make it very easy to connect one to another. If you want a fun as well as learning toys for your girls, this should be of a good choice.

What Is Great about this Toy for Girls

Mostly, people have seen their girls loving the toys so much. They have had fun and are very happy with the play. That is the reason why many said the package worth every penny they spent.

What Isn’t Great about this Toy for Girls

A couple instead feel the toy is just so so. They said its everything is average. Another instead said their one does not come with a string.

4.Liberty Imports Light Up Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set for Girls with 3 Suction Cup Arrows, Target, and Quiver

This next toy option for girls age 5 is the Liberty Archery Bow and Toy set. It is well designed in pink, which is lovely for girls, and it comes with the quiver, target as well as the three suction arrows. So far, this has been a popular toys. And, many have loved it dearly.

At the same time that it is fun to play around with, it does help kids develop and learn more about the hand-eye coordination, allowing their shooting skills to improve, especially the concentration part. In addition, there is the three light settings, and that lets girls really enjoy it even more.

The archery set is really a fun toy, and it is designed for girls age 3 and above, meaning it is very safe for them to be around. However, what that matters too is it is both entertaining and educational.

What Is Great about this Toy for Girls

Some have bought this archery set for their niece, and it turns out to be a great gift. Their girls have been so delightful with the toy. Other than this, many others feel the toy is cheap while its quality and fun to play with are high.

What Isn’t Great about this Toy for Girls

A couple have found it lightweight and flimsy. They thought they could have added some money in to get a high quality one as a gift. However, they have found the kids really enjoy playing with it.

5.Melissa & Doug Fashion Design Activity Kit

The last best toys for 5 year old girls in our list is the Melissa and Doug Fashion Design. This is a kit with 16 pieces, allowing girls to play and have fun around fashion. The pieces include the rubbing plates, rubbing crayon, and more. Along with the pieces, a case is added for easy storage.

The toy is made for girls, and it is too the best gift idea in occasions such as birthday. So far, this fashion design kit has become the best selling toys of its own type, having so many buyers happy as they see their girls being so delightful to play with it. That makes it very favorable to recommend for your consideration.

In the meantime, this toy activity will help girls imagine, recreate, and discover their talents during the play. It is extremely nice that they could have fun and explore their own selves simultaneously.

What Is Great about this Toy for Girls

At this point of time, 68 percent of all rated this toy 5 stars, showing a lot of satisfaction over the product. That is not surprising at all as it too has been marked as the best seller. Simply, many have found it as a great gift idea for girls, and girls do like it a lot.

What Isn’t Great about this Toy for Girls

Some feel that it could even be better if the paper is included. A few others said the toy is just fairly good, but not great.

By reviewthebest April 18, 2019 09:23