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By reviewthebest April 26, 2019 03:48

Best wireless dog fence is going to be so helpful to keep your dogs in place and safe. If you are having a dog around at home, you might want to have this system to help. And, in this review, you are going to see a nice list of the best fence systems where they could keep your dogs within the safe zone.

These dog fences are of different brands and size capacity. However, among the available ones, they are the better designs, better quality, and better price. After our consideration over many of them, we are confident that these are the right ones to recommend, and they are briefly introduced to you below.

1.PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, Covers up to 3/4 Acre

This starting review is to the PetSafe Wireless Fence. This is a popular pack, working as the wireless boundary to let your pet play within safe zone. Its covering capacity is to ¾ acre. At the same time, the range is adjustable within 105 feet in any direction from the transmitter which will be installed indoor.

This effective wireless fence works best with pets who are 5 pounds or more, having the neck size between 6 and 28 inches. Within the boundary of the fence, there could be as many pets as you may have. You would only need to have extra receiver collars.

At the same time, there are 5 levels of correction to make, and it would take about two weeks to train the pets so that the fence could work as it is supposed to do. Into the box, there is also rechargeable ergonomic collar. Per charge, it will last to three weeks. The set up, on the other hand, is easy. It takes just several hours to work it ou.

What Is Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

Some buyers have got it to use for a couple of years, and they found it working great still. That is how customer have been so confident to leave a good review to this dog fence system. A few other buyers express this fence as life saver as they could simply keep their dogs within the boundary effectively.

What Isn’t Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

There are actually complaints about the fact that the signal of the fence system is not consistent and the boundary then is not reliable.

2.PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

Another model of the best wireless dog fence is this Pet Containment System. This item is as well from PetSafe brand. The quality of this, to the above, is relatively the same. There are only a few differences that make it suitable to your situation differently.

This wireless dog fence basically provides a lot of convenience when it comes to keeping pets safe within the boundary at home. This particular system is designed to cover a size of ½ acre while its transmitter range is within 90 metre. The neck size of the pets that it fits well is between 6 and 28 inches.

The setup is extremely easy to get done, and it has the waterproof receiver collar where you could expect its durability to be high. The collars, in the meantime, is rechargeable, and it has the indicator light to tell when the battery is low and needs recharging.

What Is Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

Some have got a stubborn and energetic dog and found this fence system as a life saver, literally. It just simply works out well. That gives them the satisfaction and reason to rate this item very positively.

What Isn’t Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

Lack of reliability for long term use is a comment from a few. They found it working great initially but turns out to be a little inconsistent months later.

3.PetSafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with Extra Battery Pack

This is the third PetSafe wireless Fence, modeled PIF-300. It is a well made and well designed dog fence system with extra batteries. The pack has up to three batteries for your need. The covering size of the pack is 180 feet in diameter, and the circular area could be adjustable.

The whole system is wireless, and it is so portable. With just the need to plug the transmitter in with the power source, the system will start to work itself, giving pets a sense of the boundary they should stay in. The correction adjustability is available in 5 levels, in addition. Likewise, you will find it with no difficulty in setting it up.

This is really a lovely and effective dog fence system you could examine closely. Its price too is not more expensive than many other options available. According to what many have experienced about the product, you too may be very satisfied with it.

What Is Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

So far, this particular dog fence item is so popular and is found to work great for most of the users. Generally, they have come back and rated the fence as highly recommended and satisfied. That is, 65 percent of all the review gave it the straight 5 stars.

What Isn’t Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

There is some similar remark from several reviews, saying it works better in flat area rather than when you have hills or inclines in the yard.

4.PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

This second last best wireless dog fence is the portable package which works brilliantly effective. The product is well constructed fully waterproof, it is durable, and it performs just as supposed to be. The coverage capacity of this particular system is ½ acre in circle.

The collar additionally has both the short and long probs. As for this to perform great, there is an added PetSafe Proprietary battery. You will find it working great and see your pets, as always, within the boundary you have set to make them play safely.

In case you have more pets to keep in the zone, you could only need more of the collars. And it will work great, still with the transmitter. This package comes with two systems, and that is why it costs a bit more than the rest in the list.

What Is Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

Generally, people feel good and say this is a great product. Some of them, in their review, advise others not to be scared of the setup. They have found it easy to do so. Importantly, users have got it to really work and keep their pets within the boundary. That is the delightfulness they have embedded in their review.

What Isn’t Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

One reviewer wants to use this system with two collar. However, they could get it to use only with one. The second collar simply does not work. And, they then returned it. Another has said in some situations, it does shock the dog unnecessarily.

5.SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

The fifth and last best option is the SportDog System. This is an in-ground wireless dog fence system that works great for the purpose. The installation of the kit is easy, and it contains everything you need within the box. Additionally, the coverage it works is 1 ⅓ acre. This is large and gives more space for your pets to play around.

The collar comes with 9v battery, and it is made completely waterproof, fitting the dogs with 10 lbs of weight nicely. The battery instead would last between 6 and 12 months. This is lovely as you would not need to care much about recharging or replacing the new battery.

The transmitter of the kit is as well very performing, Even special, it has the added wire break alarm and the lightning protector. This kit, if you decide to order, will include too the 2 year manufacturer warranty.

What Is Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

So very lovely, 70 percent of the review at this point of time have rated the dog fence 5 full stars. They are extremely content with the product. The range and coverage space of the dog fence system is as well plenty, and it suites the need of many well.

What Isn’t Great about the Wireless Dog Fence

Few still demand the range and coverage to be even larger. Another review complaint about the receiver, addressing its unreliability. The others was not happy, saying this is expensive and does not work.

By reviewthebest April 26, 2019 03:48