Best Collapsible Dog Crate 2022 – Consumer Reports

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Best Collapsible Dog Crate 2022 – Consumer Reports

Many families have enjoyed petting a dog at home. Of course, it is really a fun thing to do. Among those, people, even during their travels, still want their dogs with them. They then can enjoy their time with the dogs as well as not letting them at home alone. And, one best collapsible dog crate, bringing a dog with during the trip is not so difficult. Many dog crates have now been designed great and travel friendly. Such features as soft-sided and easily foldable are very favorable for traveling. Even more, many travel dog crates are airline approved by fulfilling the guidelines. It is all these reasons that bringing a dog is no longer a tough decision.

At the same time, there are so many of those dog crate designs available on the market. If you directly go and search for the product, you will be overwhelmed by the choices. Nonetheless, we make things a lot easier here. Our team has conducted the research, review, and evaluation for you. We have studied over many of them and finally are very confident that the following top 10 best collapsible dog crate reviews are those you will find very interesting. It takes you a few minutes to go through these, and you will know which one you like the most.

1.Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate Kennel

Looking so nice, this first best foldable dog crate is a handsome design with so many sizes available including the 21, 26, 30, 36, and 42 inches. You can pick up the one that is most right to the size of your dog. However, to the construction quality, this dog crate is extremely strong and durable with PVC frame and polyester fabric to cover. In that, it features a secure zipper closure along with nice fastening straps.

The dog crate again is foldable and can be set up within minutes. It contains two doors, top and front while good ventilation is one the four sides of the crate. Sides of the dog crate, in addition, have been attached with a good cushioning to make it extremely soft and comfortable to carry around with. The largest version of the dog crate is 42 inches, and it will accommodate an 80 pound dog really well. Also, whatever size you select, it will come to you with a one year limited warranty.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Easily collapsible and fold compact
  • Strong frame and high quality fabric clothing
  • Various sizes to select while the design looks great
  • Ventilation exists on all the four sides of the crate

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Lots of dog owners have enjoyed using the dog crate a lot. They feel great about the high quality materials of the dog crate, trusting that it is going to be so durable. Some else feel delighted that it is so easy to set up while very lightweight to carry around. Plenty of space is also found from the dog crate design. That gives a few dog owners happiness of putting their two dogs in one crate of this.

In the meantime, there is negative feedback from a few, addressing the defects they have got. One said their dog crate gets rusted so easily after a short period of time using it. Another review commented about the failing zipper of their one. Ventilation is also said not enough.

2.Petsfit Travel Pet Home Indoor/Outdoor for Dog Steel Frame Home,Collapsible Soft Dog Crate

Petsfit Travel Dog Crate is the next best collapsible dog crate in our review list. Compared to many others available, this dog crate looks very nice while it focuses its complete design for travel use while it is perfectly comfortable to be used at home. Meanwhile, the dog crate of this design is available at three different sizes you can pick up according to the size of your dog. One of them is the 19 inch height crate, which is right for medium size dogs.

More into the design, besides the strong construction of the frame, high quality odorless fabric is used. While it is very safe to use, plenty of ventilation through the two big doors are available. The entrance, in addition, can be rolled up comfortably and easily. And of course, this dog crate is foldable and collapsible for convenience and portability. Finally, the soft pad inside can be removed for washing when you need to.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Collapsible for a good portability
  • Lightweight, Sturdy, and Strong Design
  • Two big doors for plenty of ventilation
  • Three sizes to select based on dog size
  • Looking so nice and fashionable 

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Dog owners generally are happy with the dog crate. The simple reason is they get it to work great with their dogs during their travels. Specially, people agree that this dog crate is finished in a well-constructed frame and fabric, making durability reliable. Other than this, there are favorable features such as easy to clean, foldable and portable, and applicable in various situations.

Of course, there are also a few comments for improvement seen. A couple of owners have seen the dog crate torn down quickly by their chewing dogs. It does disappoint them a bit. Another one simply feels the zipper needs to be done more properly with better glue as their one stops working quickly.

3.2PET Foldable Dog Crate – Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate

Next is the 2PET best collapsible dog crate with soft sided design. Just as you can see in the picture, this dog crate is lovely and stylish while it is made soft, foldable, and durable for a good traveling need. And, there are up to 4 sizes in 3 different colors you can select from. You can check  the image and your dog size to select the right one.

Talking about the quality, the overall construction of this dog crate is very well made. New features with an improved design have been integrated to make this new dog crate design a loveable one. In that, it has the waterproof mat for the interior in addition to the fleece cushion pad for comfort. The top handle has also been designed ergonomically.

These have made the dog crate very friendly for travel while it is comfortable to carry around as its collapsible engineering is smart and convenient, plus the whole dog crate is so lightweight and sturdy. It is an ideal design, of course, for indoor and outdoor use, as the best soft-sided dog crate.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Stylish and unique design
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Ergonomic top handle
  • Cushioning pad
  • Easily collapsible for easy travel

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

So far, there have been more than 1700 reviews made to this dog crate. As the data tells, so many dog owners have decided to try this dog crate out. Nonetheless, more than the majority of them are happy with the crate design. Overall, the dog crate gets reviewed 4.3 stars out of 5. It is just an amazing design for them.

Particularly, people like the fact that they have felt and touched the product, and it is extremely well-made and durable. Others said they feel very comfortable and convenient, carrying their dog in this dog crate around. Another review also rated the dog crate as highly satisfied because they can see their puppy loving to stay in this dog crate a lot during their travel.

In that, there are some negative comments, given to the dog crate review. One dog owner said their dog often leans to the mesh wall of the dog crate, and it gets torn out quickly. It is then seen as not so durable. Another review commented on the failed zipper of their dog crate, disappointing them a bit more.

4.A4Pet Soft Collapsible Dog Crate and Kennel with Leak Proof Bottom for Indoor or Travel Use

Also very collapsible, this fourth best soft-sided dog crate comes with three sizes available. They are 21, 31, and 36 inches. You can select one according to your dog size. As an example, with the 31 inch design, it is nice and comfortable to accommodate a medium or large dog up to 50 pounds. However, to the look, this dog crate is stylish and nice-looking. By just seeing the picture, you can tell it is a durable construction.

Even more, the dog crate design of this comes with a leak-proof bottom. It is done to make sure your car floor is properly protected during your travel with your dog. In addition, the dog crate comes with rounded corners. You will not then worry about it scratching your vehicle’s interior. And to the dog crate itself, two doors have been crafted for easy access and plenty of ventilation. Other than these, the dog crate is extremely foldable and portable.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Durable look, strong construction
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • Two doors for a good ventilation and access
  • Leak-proof bottom and rounded corners to protect your vehicle
  • Best for travel, Airline Approved

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Lots of people have bought this dog crate for traveling purposes. And, they have been very satisfied with how this dog crate has served them and their dog. One even said it is the best dog crate they have ever bought. Specifically, people praised its nice-looking design, durable construction, and convenient access and portability. Overall, they have rated the dog crate 4.5 stars out of five, among more than 500 reviews, to date.

On the contrary, there are also unhappy dog owners. One reviewed this dog crate negative because their one fell apart quickly. A couple others have a bad zipper closure in their dog crate, making it difficult to use. Some others said their dogs chew the crate torn quickly after putting them in.

5.Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

Petnation Port-A-Crate Home is our fifth best collapsible dog crate. This another beautiful design comes with plenty of features which are useful, convenient, and comfortable. It is easily folded compact while being extremely lightweight. That makes it very portable for transportation. That is why people who like to travel with their dogs love this dog crate so much.

Aside from its strong frame, it has mesh fabric panels with tight weave to surround and cover the frame of this dog crate. Both have worked together, making this dog crate great, durable and comfortable to use. This particular size of 36 x 25 x 25 inches is well spaced for a dog up to 70 pounds. When not in use, you can collapse it in seconds to put away. Meanwhile, the dog crate has such a favorable service to serve your dog carrying around with you during your travel.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Easily collapsible and portable
  • Tight weaving, durable mesh walls
  • Plenty of space for a medium or big dog
  • Lightweight and soft-sided
  • Various sizes to select from

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Lots of dog owners who have bought and experienced the dog crate with their dogs are on the side of this design. They said it is a nice dog crate with a well-made quality. The frame looks strong while the fabric is high quality. Both make the dog crate a very good one. Some are actually so happy because their dogs do love the crate and staying inside it.

A couple reviews, on the other hand, said the dog crates they have got have the frames that are susceptible to breaking. Another dog owner is extremely disappointed saying it did not even survive one use. Their dog simply scratched and tore the mesh, getting out of the crate quickly.

6.EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Next to see is the EliteField Soft Dog Crate. This is another very fine design with a strong construction. The frame and the fabric used to produce this crate are really nice and high quality. The frame is steel tube while the fabric is 600D fabric and hex mesh. The actual size of this lovely dog crate is 36 x 24 x 28 inches. It is higher and wider than many dog crates. That gives extra space for dogs to stay comfortably in. 

The dog crate is, in addition, very easy to assemble and fold back compact for portability. In other words, it is one of the best collapsible dog crate designs you can find out there. And, along its lightweight and sturdiness, the dog crate is very friendly for travel use. Even more, it comes with a carrying bag and fleece bed within the package. That means you and your dog will find this dog crates lovely, convenient and comfortable to use.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Perfectly collapsible and foldable
  • High quality 600D fabric and mesh
  • Well-made and beautiful design
  • Three mesh doors, big ventilation
  • 2 year warranty

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Three main reasons seen from dog owners who are satisfied with the dog crate. People feel good that the dog crate is extremely lightweight and well-built, making it strong and durable. Even more, the padded cushioning is super comfy for the dogs, some dog owners added. Overall, there have been more than 4500 reviews so far, and 4.3 stars rating is what all have given.

In contrast, there are as well some negative reviews about this dog crate. One said the crate is nice and good for only well-behaved dogs. Bad chewers could destroy this dog crate quickly. Another buyer was not happy that the crate smells bad like vinyl and VOCs. 

7.Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel

Coming as a premium quality dog crate, this carrier crate has a very performing design. The construction is strong and well-made while soft cushioning has been put around each side of the crate. Of course, this is the best soft-sided and collapsible dog crate you can find in addition to its very roomy space for dogs to comfortably stay in.

Of this particular dog crate design, there are 5 colors and 5 different sizes you can select from. That would be according to your liking as well as your dog size. Nonetheless, to the quality, this design has such good reliability for you. That thanks to its durable polyester and PVC materials that are used.

Meanwhile, a good ventilation system and the pet bed are integrated into the design, making it even more favorable for dogs. As a dog owner, you might also like the side pockets of the dog crate, it gives you more space for some accessories. Finally, you will experience a good top handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying during your travel.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Soft-sided and Collapsible
  • Premium quality materials, PVC and polyester
  • Well Ventilated and easy access door
  • Nice shoulder strap and top handle
  • Comfortable pet bed

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

It has so far been a favorite purchase for many dog owners. People feel this is a nice dog crate with a very good design. In that, people stress over their satisfaction over a few features such as the easy assembling and foldability, comfortable for dogs, and convenient for carrying around. These get people to feel happy while saying it is worth the value of their money spent on this dog crate.

Some reviews commented that the dog crate is lightweight and attractive but not very secure. One even said the dog crate of them got torn within the first use. Likewise, some get the issue with broken zippers after several weeks of use. They tend to expect the whole dog crate to last much better and longer.

8.Bark Brite Pop Open Collapsible Travel Crate in 2 Sizes

Designed for large dogs, this Bark Brite Travel Crate is amazing in two sizes, large and extra large. If you have a big buddy pet you want to bring with you during your adventure, then this large dog crate is going to be the right one for you. Other than being ideal for traveling and camping, it is also great at home.

One good thing about this dog crate is it has a roomy space for your dog while it is engineered in a very collapsible way. You thus can make it compact and portable any time you want it to be. Likewise, plenty of mesh ventilation has been integrated. You will not worry about the breathability of the environment inside the crate. Even better, the dog crate has such a very simple but lovely style.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Smartly collapsible for compact portability
  • Large room for large dogs
  • Lightweight and nice looking
  • Plenty of ventilation

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Many reviews agree that the dog crate of this is extremely convenient and lightweight. That is favorable for traveling purposes. And importantly, they see their dogs being happy with the crates. These are common reasons why people tend to like this dog crate and rate it very positively. They are generally satisfied with the dog crate and highly recommend it.

Among all the reviews, there are also negative ones. Some dog owners expect the dog crate to be large. However, it is not to the size they expected. They feel it is small, still. Some others feel the dog crate is great only for well-behaved dogs. Aggressive ones could destroy this quickly.

9.Petsfit Portable Soft Collapsible Dog Crate for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Likewise one of the best collapsible dog crates, this is the Petsfit crate design you should check out. It is very nicely-designed with high quality fabric and a strong steel frame. The dog crate has been crafted for the purpose of convenient traveling with your pet. This dog crate particularly is up to 23 inches which is great for medium and large dogs to fit in.

The dog crate, meanwhile, is odorless while it is made extremely safe for a dog to stay inside during the traveling time. In that, it has two big doors for easy access and ventilation while the mesh has been around. Overall, the dog crate is quite lightweight and sturdy, out of its construction. Zippers are as well there to ensure easy opening and closing. The clips are additionally good for the zippers, in addition.

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Can be quickly collapsed for easy portability
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Odorless and very safe for dogs
  • Large room for medium or large dogs to stay in

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

People have been quite delighted with this dog crate, saying it is convenient and user friendly. For one reason, it is lightweight but found to be quite sturdy. The fabric as well as the frame are great, additionally. Large rooms and ease of setting up are also some good impressions dog owners have seen from the dog crate.

Issues have meanwhile arrived when people have enjoyed using this dog crate. Some said their ones are defective units. They either arrive with damages or certain parts such as the zippers, not working. These have made a few annoyed and unhappy.

10.JESPET Soft Dog Crates Kennel for Pets, 3 Door Soft Sided Folding Travel Pet Carrier

The last best collapsible dog crate with soft-sided design is the JESPET crate. This is a nice pet carrier you will find very comfortable and convenient, especially during your travels. The crate is designed in a way that it can be used indoors and outdoors. The actual dimension of this dog crate is 26 x 20 x 20 inches.

 It is lightweight and very portable, in addition. Of that, the dog crate is made from strong steel tubes as the frame and 600D fabric and hex mesh as the cover. Both have been integrated and crafted into a sturdy, stylish, and durable construction of the grate. Even more, it adds the fleece bed for a comfortable stay for the dog. The bars, on the other hand, are made collapsible with retractable springs to make setup and storage simple and efficient. 

Key Qualities and Features of the Dog Crate

  • Three doors for easy access and ventilation
  • Collapsible bars for setup efficiency and easy transport
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Included fleece bed for extra comfort

What Dog Owners Have Said about It

Agreed by many dog owners as a great carrier, this dog crate has made many happy and satisfied. They said this is a good purchase for them during their camping. The dog crate is said to be roomy, strong and comfortable to carry around with. As a result, it is convenient and they feel good having the dog with them during their holiday outdoors.

On the contrary, some feel the zippers of theirs in this dog crate are not heavy duty. They should have been more durable and higher quality. Some others said the crate is exactly not for heavy chewer puppies. They could tear down the mesh quickly.

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