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By reviewthebest March 10, 2019 05:03

You know this that confidential information has to be protected well, by all means. And, to the hard drive, though you might have deleted or formated it, there are still chances certain information could be restored. The technology is that crazy. That is why there is a need too for best hard drive shredder.

If that is the kind of shredding machine you are looking for, here you go. We have got the top 5 best hard drive shredder choices for you to have a look. These ones are well constructed to perform perfectly fine to shred and successfully destroy the hard drive both physically and digitally.

1.DG-XL Hard Drive Degausser

This first best hard drive degausser is the Capital Shredder. This is a smart machine, designed to do hard drive degausser well for you. This machine weighs about 49 pounds, and its dimension is 13.9 W x 9.7 H x 14.3 D. The capacity of the machine could do up to 70 hard drive degausser per hour.

Another good thing about this machine is it has the DG-XL which is the table top technology that is going to securely erase the magnetic media in the hard drive. It is completely done to leave no recoverable information from the hard drive. In the meantime, it has degaussing chamber that could fit almost any available hard drive you might have.

2.SEM Model 0101 “Sledgehammer” Automatic Hard Drive Crusher

This second option is the SEM Model 0101. It is an automatic hard drive crusher. And, it leaves no traces of information left after that. Besides hard drive, you could do so with notebook too. It is so dangerous actually if you are having certain confidential information in those electric devices.

As long as your electronic things is in between 0.65 and 1.65 inches, this machine will welcome it well, regardless of size, type and format. It will securely destroy the data storage for you nicely. The power supply of this machine is 120V and 60Hz. And, for the full cycle of the destruction period this machine can do its 8 seconds. Per cycle, 4 laptop hard drives could be completely destroy.

3.HDD-66 High Energy Hard Drive Degausser

Made as the high energy degausser, you could trust over this machine to do you a favor of completely destroying the hard drive with confidential information. Either it is the hard drive from computers, laptop or server case of various sizes and formats, the machine will do them well still.

It takes less than 20 seconds for the machine to degausser a hard drive. It is easy, and the operation is very safe and effective. This should thank to its ICNIRP magnetic exposure Guideline. If degaussing the hard drive is often your concern and need, then you have to try this out, and you will feel relax and relieve after you know the machine really can do it.

4.HSM Classic Industrial Hard Drive Shredder, Cross-Cut Cut Style – HDS230-1

Second to last, this is also the highly recommended hard drive shredder. This is an industrial design, as a machine strongly and effectively constructed just to shred hard drive. It performs cross cut, and it simply destroys everything about the hard drive for you. You can rest assured after that over the information inside. It is gone and will never come back, no matter what.

Per hour, this industrial machine could do the hard drive destroying up to 2000 items. And, it performs continuously well, just like that. If your business is around this, then it is the right one to have a look. However, its cost is so damn expensive. You have a look, and you will know what I mean.

5.HDD-100 Hard Drive and Tape Degausser

Recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, this is the hard drive and Tape Degausser you could rely on. Its operation is fully automatic, and it has the pulse discharge technology that does the job perfectly well. The process control of the machine, in the meantime, is enabled by the HDD-100. This lets it perform the erasing process over the magnetic media.

After the process is done, there is no way the information could be restored. That is how secure and safe you could feel over your confidential information in the data storage device. Per one complete cycle, it takes less than 8 seconds to do so. The machine is simply amazing.

By reviewthebest March 10, 2019 05:03