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If you often like reading at night, yes, it is important to have the best book lights for reading in bed. It is more convenient while you could enjoy your reading before sleep. Actually, a small, well made reading light could do all the job for you.

In this, we have found, reviewed, and picked up only the top 5 best book lights for reading in bed to recommend. They come with brief description along with customer reviews in the following list. You could spend a bit of time checking through, and you will find your favorite reading light.

1.LuminoLite B076SVC7SN Rechargeable 3000K Warm 6 LED Book, Easy Clip Lights Bed. 3 Brightness Eye-Care, 2.1 oz Lightweight, 20 Hours Reading. Perfect for Bookworms & Kids, Classic Black

The first to see is the LuminoLite book light. This reading light is basically the top choice as it has been picked up as the best selling item of its type. It has a nice design while its light is bright and the overall build is amazing along with its SMD LED technology, providing a good care for eyes.

In addition, it has the rechargeable battery of 1000mAh which is going to serve your reading up to 60 hours per charge. And, to charge, you could use the USB ports, Power banks, Laptop or the 5v phone charger. It is easy to find and it will charge quickly.

At its very good make, the light could offer soft diffused light to your two opening pages very well. Likewise, the neck of the reading light is made very flexible which you could bend around well and easily. 30 day month back and 3 year warranty are there, in addition.

What Is Great about the Book Light

Many in their reviews have considered this as a great book light. They feel warm and easy reading book at night with the help of the light. Its good brightness, nice design, and affordable price are common reasons why so many have rated this 5 stars straight.

What Isn’t Great about the Book Light

A couple have had some different opinion. One said the light is good, but they did not like the design of the whole light. Another said this is so so to them while they like the old version of the same light brand better.

2.LuminoLite Rechargeable 4 LED Book Light Bright Neck Hug Light, Reading Lights for Reading in Bed, 3 Brightness Levels, 2 Flexible Soft Silicone Arms Comfortable Wear. Perfect for Bookworms & Crafts

This is another design from the above LuminoLite brand. It comes with 4 LED light, and it is surely best for reading in bed. In this, 3 levels of brightness are made to easily be adjustable to suit the comfort of your reading. At the same time, it is a complete different concept design to the first one.

You could hang this light around your neck and bend the neck like you need to, to bright up your pages. The neckband is quite flexible, and you could bend it around very easily. As to the battery, it comes in the 700MAH Li-iON type which has up to 1000 cycle life span, and for each charge, it lasts between 7 and 40 hours for your reading.

The design, the softlight it creates, and the convenient hang-around concept have made this reading light very popular, and so many buyers and users have been so delightful with this choice as the best reading light.

What Is Great about the Book Light

More than the majority have reviewed this book light very positively. They said the book light is well built, and the manufacturing quality of the light is great. They particularly are so satisfied with the battery life and the light settings of the item. Importantly, they could read their books well and comfortably at night with the light.

What Isn’t Great about the Book Light

A few might have got the defective units as they found the battery life of their lights are not working properly after a while. Some others just feel the light is too bright for night reading, still.

3.DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light, Brightness Adjustable for Eye-Protection, Daylight, LED Clip on Book Lights, Bookmark with Light for Reading in Bed, Perfect for Bookworms, Kids

This next book light is the DEWENWILS rechargeable light. The book light has a small and cute design while it could be used as a stand alone or clip on. The holder of this light is bendable to 350 degree which means you could adjust it to the direction you want it to light up to easily.

Additionally, the light has a rechargeable battery through USB port. There is not a need of cable to do so. And, ,it takes about 1.5 hours to full charge, and it will perform well to 8 hours of reading time. The brightness of the light is soft and still could be adjusted to the level you feel most comfortable with your reading.

As the design of this book light is small and strong, it is so portable and lightweight that you could bring it around with very easily should you need to travel somewhere some time. In a case of blackout, you could also use it as a small flashlight too.

What Is Great about the Book Light

With the price and quality brightness this light serve, many have undoubtedly marked this as their favorite reading light. It works well, and it serves the reading purpose at night beautifully. As a result, more than plenty have reviewed the book light with their 5 star rating.

What Isn’t Great about the Book Light

Meanwhile, a few have got some comments. One said it is a bit too big for small books. The others feel the light is a bit too bright as it clips on and stay very close to the book.

4.The Original Mighty Bright NuFlex Clip On Book Light Reading Light, Warm Eye Care LEDs, Super Flexible, Durable, Dimmable, Perfect for Kids, Bookworms, Read in Bed, Use Batteries or Micro USB

Fourth in to the list, it is the Original Mighty Book light. With so many colorful designs available, this light has such a good quality to serve your reading at night very well. This reading light has been attached with a good brightness of 35 lumens, and the battery life of this is 16 hours per 3 AAA batteries. Or else, you could use the USB cable to bright it up.

Dimming light options are also available in this reading light design. It offers you the level of brightness that best comforts your eyes and your reading at night. In the meantime, the reading light has been built very portable and lightweight while it could be used for multiple purposes.

If you are looking for an affordable but reliable light for reading in bed at night, this item is going to serve you very well, and you should be very satisfied, just as so many have been with the reading light.

What Is Great about the Book Light

Up to now, there are 161 reviews, made to the light. And out of this, 73 percent of all rated the light 5 stars, showing their full satisfaction to the reading light. Basically, the common reason for this is the fact that the light serves their reading well and comfortably.

What Isn’t Great about the Book Light

A couple have commented over the brightness of the light, meanwhile. They said the light is too dim and not bright enough to cover the two pages.

5.Rechargeable Book Light, Clip on Book Lamp [Upgraded] 3 Colors x3 Levels Eye Care Reading Lights, Up to 60 Hours Reading, Lightweight, Ideal for Bookworms, Kids

The last one of all is this Book Lamp with a clip on design. Three coloring designs are available, and if you are happy with the features and design of this, you could select your favorite color. In the meantime, there are additional three light colors you could adjust too according to your need during your reading.

In addition, the light of any color is dimmable to make it soft and friendly for your reading. The attached battery is 1200mAh li-ion battery. This will serve your reading up to 60 hours, and you would need a USB or powerbank to charge it.

The light this product will serve is going to be non-flickering light, which is very natural and caring to your eyes. Additionally, you will find the goose neck of the light very flexible where you could bend it around to the position and direction you need the light from.

What Is Great about the Book Light

So many have been so happy with the book light. A nice, rechargeable battery is one of the reasons. Its good brightness and the dimmable options  are also something many have felt good about within this book light.

What Isn’t Great about the Book Light

Few decided to send it back only because they feel that is not what they have expected.

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