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By reviewthebest January 3, 2019 16:37

Under eye wrinkles are the scary lines for many women. It is a sign of physical aging, and it is something they want to get rid of and stay young still.

As soon as the age of 25 arrives, one could start to notice some fine lines happening under eyes. Those lines sooner or longer have turned deeper and deeper into wrinkles which take you to an old look. Surely, nobody likes that.

best treatment for under eye wrinkles

There are best treatment for under eye wrinkles available. You could take the natural treatments or man mad approaches. We will highlight both ways for your knowing.

But, for now, we will firstly get you to know the common causes of under eye wrinkles. Understanding the nature of wrinkles is extremely helpful to deal with them.

1. Natural Aging

Very commonly, everyone knows aging is one of the main causes of wrinkles either they are under eyes or in any other areas of the body. That is a natural aging process to happen.

As one grows older, the skin turns thinner and dryer, losing more and more of collagen and elastin. Collagen is what makes skin firm and supple.

The skin with the presence of enough collagen looks healthy, young, and beautiful. Nonetheless, as aging process goes further, collagen is not always produced enough.

Elastin is a form of elastic protein. It connects the tissues and allows the the movements to happen while snapping it back. With the facial expressions everyday such as laughing, there are lines forming. It is those lines that finally turn to be wrinkles.

While aging is a natural process, unhealthy habits such as lack of sleep makes the process way faster. Many people work and work tirelessly. But, when our body does not get enough rest, it turns weak and old by time.

2. Facial Expressions

Face is the most place where emotion is moved and expressed. Everyday, we frown, laugh, and squint, just to name a few. It is all these movements that make creases happen, and they become wrinkles by time.

You can not live all day without the facial expression. It is only an understanding that this contributes to making the wrinkles happen.

3. Smoking

Smoking is actually very bad for health, needless to say. A lot of people know that, but they are not going to stop because they are not brave enough to take a better care of themselves.

However, particularly, it narrows down the blood vessels, lessening blood circulation. When blood could not reach well to skin cells, the skin naturally can not stay as healthy and look good.  

4. Excessive Sun Exposure

Sunlight and its UV have a lot of negative impacts over skin when exposed too much. And, this contributes to wrinkles. Sunlight could easily burn the facial skin and damage its health, making it look old unnecessarily.

Taking care of your facial skin well during your outdoor time could get you less wrinkles, surely. Big hat and a good sunglasses are helpful.

These common causes will give you some ideas where those under eye wrinkles are from. And, next we will introduce you to some effective and best treatment for under eye wrinkles.

1. Under Eye Wrinkle Massage

Gently massage the under eye area could smoothen the wrinkles well. Massaging the area could help promote better blood circulation and as a result supply more nutrition and oxygen to the skin cells over the area better. This simple method could help the skin turns healthier and some wrinkles could start to disappear.

To massage the under eye area, you may need some help from a drop of coconut oil. You could start calmly and lightly rubbing and tapping the area from one side to another several times before moving  to the other under eye area. At the same time you help beautify the skin area, you will too feel relax.

2. Natural Eye Pads and Masks

There are various natural formula you could do to ease the problem of under eye wrinkles. It could be as simple as having the cucumber slices, covering your eyes and its under area.

You could lay down and relax while having the slice of cucumber over your eyes. This simple and natural habit could add more of the moisture to the area, healing certain damages.

Meanwhile, ingredients such as milk, egg white, and honey are very beneficial to the facial skin cells. Milk and egg white have a lot of compounds that could offer more nutritions to support the healing process of skin cells while honey is more to attract moisture to the layers of skin, making it softer, healthier, and prettier.

3. Under Eye Creams

There are many creams formulated to deal with under eye wrinkles. This is also a way many women choose to try. It might take a bit of time, but it actually works well if you have found a good cream product that treats your facial skin well. You will just have to be careful with bad products that will not help and instead bring in more of the problems.

Usually, when you are looking for a good cream to help smoothen your under eyes wrinkles, you may check for the ingredients such as Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid. These are important ingredients that really benefits the healing process of your under eye skin.

4. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a professional procedure usually done by a skincare professional. This is not a surgical process but instead a few steps to renew the texture and tone of your facial skin. It will take one hour to do it.

For the process, you will be seated in a comfortable recline chair before they start to remove old skin from your under eyes and around through a particular microdermabrasion device. The end would be the application of sunscreen and moisturizer to the area.

This Microdermabrasion procedure has been approved in 1996 by US Food and Drug administration. It is safe to do so while so many people have found a great result, seeing their under eye wrinkles mostly disappear.

As this is an effective method for many, plenty of microdermabrasion devices are designed and produced. This leaves the procedure to be slightly different from one device to another.

Nonetheless, you could always check with your doctor about the details of the procedure before deciding to do it.

By reviewthebest January 3, 2019 16:37