Review the Best Rotary Cheese Grater 2022 – Consumer Reports

By reviewthebest April 21, 2019 08:24

If you love cooking and preparing dishes that related with cheese, I am sure that you are always looking for the best kitchenware that can assist you during the process of making good dishes. It is safe to say some of you probably experienced difficulty in grating cheese. And, end up wasting a ton of cheese in effort to finish your dish.

Are there any ways that can solve such problem aforementioned? Of course, owning great rotary cheese grater is definitely respond to your concerns. Here are the best-selling 5 rotary cheese grater for you to consider.

1. Valuetools Manual Rotary Cheese Grater – Round Mandoline Slicer Cheese Shredder Vegetable Slicer with Strong Suction Base

If you are on the hunt for a top-rated rotary cheese grater, you may want to consider Valuetools Manual Rotary. This product is made of high-quality stainless steel. For instance, the 3 sharp drum blades of this product are made from stainless steel. Even more, the plastic part of grinder is made from resistant and durable BPA free ABS.

Since the locker of handle was upgraded, you don’t have to worry about the handle coming off while chopping. Due to its strong and stable suction base, it perfectly fits any flat and smooth kitchen surface, which makes the chopping steady. More importantly, it is very efficient by cranking the handle 1 circle basically equal 12 cuts by traditional. Therefore, it will make your countertop less mess.

In term of operation, it is very safe to use this product. The mandoline slicer will take care of your hand by keeping them away from the blades while in using. It is very easy to install just put the drum blade to the tumbling box. Then fix the handle, once you hear a sound of a click, the handle is installed.

What Is Great about This Item:

In general, consumers have a favorable opinion of this product. They are very satisfied with this grater. Most of all, they agreed it is a thousand times simpler to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

On the other hand, few consumers are disappointed with product. Up on the first they used, it cracked, and the handle also broke. Besides, the slides are extremely thin and get stuck within the rotating cutter.

2. Rotary Cheese Grater – LOVKITCHEN Cheese Cutter Slicer Shredder with 3 Interchanging Rotary Ultra Sharp Cylinders Stainless Steel Drums & Slicer

LOVKITCHEN Rotary cheese grater may be an ideal option if you are searching for high quality kitchenware. This product provides versatile functions and efficient cheese granting capabilities. Speaking of quality, it is made of 430 stainless steel, which makes it very sturdy and beats other competitors.

This multi-purpose grater has three different rotary drum sharp cylinders stainless steel blades for all types. Since it is durable, you can clean it easily in the dishwasher without fear of being damage. However, make sure you clean it with hot water to be more effective. Additionally, because of its compact designed, it is very convenient to store. The handle will allow grate to be hung and fits well in small cabinets.

When it comes to operation, this cheese grater is simple to use. Just insert foot into the hopper and turn handle to grate or shred. Also, it can be used as zester and shredder, and suitable for soft or hard cheese, chocolate, almonds, and more.

What Is Great about This Item:

Over all, most users state that this rotary grater meet their expectation. They praised that it is a very well made, sturdy construction, heavy duty, and attractive. They also appreciate that it keeps the cheese chilled longer than a plastic grater because it is stainless steel.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

However, some complain about its design. The handle is too short so that when it is rotated, your knuckles hit the metal holding the grating wheel. And, the plastic bands round each edge of the grater barrels do indeed trap food particles even after one use.

3. Cheese Grater with 3 Interchangeable Blades,Vegetables Slicer for Coleslaw, Carrot, Potato Masthome

When you are shopping for cheese grater, you tend to look at versatile functions and durability of that product. Look no further, Masthome cheese grater is definitely the right choice for you. This rotary cheese grater comes with three different interchanging rotary drum and slicer. As a result, you can use it for crushing, cutting, and slicing.

You can be assure that the blade is made of good quality with stainless steel and durable. Furthermore, it is simply easy to use. All you have to do first just insert cheese/vegetable/food into the hopper. Then, squeeze the handle, and turn the drums/slicers handles in order to grate or shred. On the top of that, it works perfectly for grating hard cheese like parmesan, chocolate, vegetables and more.

It is important to note that once you use the rotary cheese grater you should clockwise turn the drums/slicer handle. And you need to pay attention to the size what the grater can use. Thanks to its compact size makes it easy to store and fits well in small kitchen drawers and cabinets.

What Is Great about This Item:

In this designed, many buyers were pleased with this item. Some customers shared their experiences saying that it worked as described. Other than that it is the best bucks they ever spent.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

Nevertheless, few buyers expressed their frustration toward product. For example, it’s not very sturdy, and feels like it may snap. If you let go of the handle while using it, it unlatched and fall off.

4. Westmark Multipurpose Rotary Cheese & Vegetable Grater Cutter Slicer Shredder with 3 Interchangeable Stainless Steel Drums

Many rotary cheese grater are available out there in the market. Thus, you might get lost which brand you should buy that meet your needs. Well, Westmark cheese grater is the perfect choice for you. Owing to top-notch quality of product, it is rated to be one of the best kitchenware brand available today.

The body and handle of this product is constructed of durable ABS plastic, yet the grating drums are made of superior quality stainless steel. In addition, this grater comes with three different drums for three different shapes to grate. For that reason, it offers three different options—for coarse grating, fine grating, and slicing or cutting. Either you are left or right handed, you can use it comfortably by simply switching the placement of the drum.

Considering the parts can be disassemble, it is much easier to clean the whole grater. You can place it in the dishwasher without worry about the damages.

What Is Great about This Item:

Over all, most purchasers praised that this grater is worth for the money spend. It works exactly as expected. The blades are all very sharp, yet easy to handle without cutting one’s hand. Also, it is very easy to use, whether someone has large hands or small.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

In spite of that, few purchasers were dissatisfied with product. They highlighted that this grater is feels flimsy and has a major design flaw. The handle flexes and feels like it is going to break while grating cheese. It’s not as sturdy and strong as one’s would want it to be.

5. Ourokhome Rotary Cheese Grater Shredder – Speed Vegetable Slicer Nut Grinder with 3 Drum Blades

If cooking is your favorite habits, then I’m sure you are always finding for quality kitchenware to put yourself at ease when preparing the dishes. Ourokhome Rotary cheese grater is absolutely a solid option for you. With this grater, you can chop your food in seconds whether it is vegetable or cheese. It makes your meals preparing a breeze.

The main body of the nut grinder is made from durable, odorless, and 100% BPA free ABS. Even more, the 3 drum blades are made from 430 stainless steel, and the cheese shredder passed FDA approval. During operation, the rotary grater will take care of your hand by keeping them away from the blade. The special thing about this product is no electrical needed. Consequently, you can get the food preparation faster with minimum effort.

The rotary mandoline slicer is ideal for cheese, vegetables, cookies potatoes, garlic, nuts, hash browns, salad, pizza toppings and more.

What Is Great about This Item:

As a whole, many customers were delighted with their purchase since it worked exactly as advertised. They admitted it operates excellently, easy set-up, stays put on the counter and just grates cheese perfectly—soft or hard. The suction bottom holds the whole thing securely on the counter.

What Isn’t Great about This Item:

Even so, few customers dishearten toward product’s quality, they pointed out that it is poorly made. It doesn’t suction well to countertop and the plastic cracks on its first use.

By reviewthebest April 21, 2019 08:24