How to Make Coffee in a Percolator

By reviewthebest November 26, 2018 05:32

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So many coffee lovers make their own coffee every morning, and they have been enjoying it so much. There are two ways to make delicious coffee at home, doing it the new way or doing it the old way. While some people are please with the convenient way of making coffee by the electric drip coffee makers, many are happy making their coffee by the old fashioned percolator. They could feel the love of coffee doing so, and percolator could produce excellent coffee of their like. Likewise, it costs less and is not difficult to get done.

Today, we are going to present you “How to Make Coffee in a Percolator” which is easy, and you could enjoy the best coffee every day by yourself, needing less than 10 minutes.

Check Price and Its Availability

Before getting into the practical ways of making great coffee in a percolator, it surely is a good idea you could choose firstly the right and best coffee percolator. Here you go!!! We have some buying guides down here to enjoy with.

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Best Coffee Percolator Buying Guides


Types of Percolator: if you are to buy a coffee percolator, you will have to decide between its two main types which are the stovetop percolator and the electric percolator.

For Stovetop Model, this simply requires you to place the percolator over the stove to heat up the water to make coffee. For this type, if you find the best one, it will last forever to use and cost so less. However, the others is electric model. The difference is only it has electric element to heat up the water. This thus will require you to find a source of electricity to make the coffee.

Percolator Materials: The look would depend on your like. Normally, a good percolator is made from either metal, glass or both. If you need a lasting one, it might be a better idea you find the percolator made completely from metal. It avoids the risks of breaking by some ways. Even better, you could look for the percolator made from stainless steel, which is safe from any chemical substances which might come along with the final product.

Well Fitted Make: a good percolator is well fitted between each part and pieces. They are strong and work together extremely well to make great coffee for you. In that, a percolator with a loosened knob is nice to have as it will offer you convenience on your coffee making.

Good Sprout: some percolators come with big and wide sprout design. This could spatter and get your coffee sprayed every time you make one. The right size of sprout in a percolator will serve you better.

Easy to Clean: Last of all, it is the design to let you clean it easily. Percolator is a daily need coffee maker, and you thus would need to clean it often. Getting the one which is easy to clean is a big convenience you will need.

A percolator simply comes as a pot but with a ground basket, a tub, a basket cover, and a lip. These pieces are to make sure the the steam out of boiling water below in the pot could extract flavor of the coffee from the coffee ground, and finally make you a great cup of coffee.

How to Make Coffee in a Percolator


Now We Come to the 10 Steps to Make Great Coffee in a Percolator. A video below will help additionally explain you the way to do it well and right.

  1. Buy the right and best quality percolator (Guides are shown above)
  2. Clean it up very well before the first use
  3. Find a source of heat and prepare the percolator well
  4. Pour fresh and filtered water in, just below the ground basket
  5. Measure the right amount of coffee ground you love to have into the basket (the amount depends on your like and needs. Usually, a cup would need 1 tablespoon of coffee ground)
  6. Place the ground basket over the steam
  7. Heating up slowly
  8. Keep it perking for a while (Minutes depend on how strong you want it to be. Usually, 5 or 7 or 10 minutes are recommended)
  9. Sit it out of the heat for a few minutes
  10. You finally could enjoy the fresh coffee from the percolator.

To know when it is done, it depends on how rich you want the flavor of your coffee to be. The longer, the more steam extract flavor from the coffee ground, and as a result, the color turns darker. Thus, you could check with the color of the coffee to the level you like, and it marks the right time to stop it. If it turns darker than you might need, you might taste more of the bitterness of the coffee too. Of that, a little bit of more experience will get you right.

Final note is to the filter. As of any percolator, there could be some little coffee ground after you pour it out of the pot. The ground basket does work as a filter, but it will not 100 percent prevent it from coming along with the coffee.

If that is what you like, that is great. Nonetheless, if you only want liquid 100 percent, it might require you to have some filters to use too. Normally, it does not, to many.

Final Comments:

As of my like, I am so delighted a coffee percolator way. It is cheap, easy to use, and could simply create me great cups of coffee every morning. As for some trips away from home, this will serve great as well.

If to recommend, I would go with Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot. This is a well made percolator with the right size of my needs for coffee for myself and my family. It could make up to 9 cups per make. Importantly, it comes with complete high quality stainless steel which is way safer than some cheap plastic, some percolator designs have been integrated with.

Even better, during our camping time, this has served our trip very well. It is also quite convenient that the design comes with great filter, leaving almost no coffee ground to the cup. I do love this and enjoy my coffee badly with the percolator.

By reviewthebest November 26, 2018 05:32