Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Fear During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By reviewthebest May 1, 2020 03:28

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First of all, I do hope that this Pandemic time will pass out very quickly. And, we will get back to our normal lives. However, it is always important to keep ourselves safe and have a good medical kit at home including the forehead thermometer. We could need it any time.

The happening of the Coronavirus Pandemic is extremely an impactful event, not only to a person or a country but the whole world of how human beings have been living. The lifestyle has changed dramatically. In other words, to keep ourselves safe and to win the war over Coronavirus, everyone needs to slow down their active lifestyle, stay at home as much as we can, and always keep personal hygiene. The most difficult part of it is to limit our daily choices by staying at home much more. 

While people have been getting used to very busy lives with both work and entertainment, it is quite an unpleasant experience for everyone to spend most of their time at home. That appears to be stress, anxiety and fear, happening to the lives of many people. Today, we are going to share some ideas and practice you could take to ease this difficult time and learn to keep ourselves safe and happy at the same time.

Out of this difficult time, there are two main reasons behind stress, anxiety, and fear that have been happening to many people around the world, especially those in places where coronavirus is being extremely active. Financially, people who only make ends meet or those who have had lots of debts on them are very worried about their financial situations. It is not only about the basic needs of foods, bills and related expenses but also the responsibilities to continuously pay their own debts. For those who are running the businesses, they are even more under the burden of financially keeping their services on. That is a lot of pressure financially to them, in short.

The other reason is the mental stress people have had. Though there are enough basic needs as well as freedom from debts, there have been lots of people, especially young ones, who have been experiencing so much stress, anxiety, and fear. One part is their worry about their own safety and negative thinking that could have happened into their mind. The other part is over the fact that staying at home too much creates physical and emotional stress for them.

How do many people respond to this difficult time during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

For those who are under the pressure of financial shortage for their personal needs as well as for the businesses, their reasons to feel the stress, fear and anxiety are quite more tangible. While in some countries, the government has responded to that with a financial package to ease the problem, it is far from enough, let alone those who could not get access to such support. Because they could not do a lot, they have suffered themselves a lot with negatives and pressure.

For those who are not, the main reason is more emotional and boredom. So many people have even spent their time on the internet, watching netflix and more. Though it can kill them sometime, the stress of staying at home too much is still there. Along with fear and worries, anxiety also happens.

This is what you can do for better well-being during the difficult time of Coronavirus Pandemic: 

1. Turn Yourselves Against Your Negative Thoughts: Of course, Coronavirus Pandemic is real, and it is extremely impactful to our lives, but what that is not is our imagination of fear that gives us unrealistic worries. That creates the stress and pressure on ourselves. At the same time, what we can do is to accept the situation as it is while working our best to deal with situations in hand. It is the overwhelming news and fake news on the internet that gets us into this overwhelming feeling of the negativities. Limiting the intake of those news could help you avoid fear and stress unnecessarily.

2. Strengthening Healthy Lifestyles: lots of people, when staying at home too much, lose themselves into the passive lifestyle. They spend most of their time on bed as well as the internet. Some people tend to not get enough sleep, exercise, and refreshment. Both their mental and physical stress keep them in the mode and get them to feel really unpleasant with their days. Working on our own healthy habits is extremely helpful though we have to stay inside most of the time. While spending time on social networks, netflix, or any other entertainments, one should always allocate their time for indoor exercise and activities around home such as gardening as well as keeping their room and the home environment clean and healthy. 

3. Meditation: there is a phrase saying if you can not go outside, you can go inside. It is a bit difficult to get into meditation and really believe that this can greatly help you deal with your difficult time if you have not done and experienced some of it before. However, what I can tell you is it is absolutely helpful. Meditation is not only getting us to relax and refresh, it gives us time to get to know ourselves, our stress, our fear and anxiety. That is how we can start to deal with those negativities. If you have been a little bit deeper into that, it can also help you to release the negative energy that might have generated into your mind and body. However, if you are new  to this, it is a good time you can do some research, learn and experience it yourselves. It will help you not only in this difficult time of Coronavirus Pandemic but also the rest of your life.

In brief, to deal with the difficult moments of stress, anxiety and fear during this pandemic, you need to deal with both your physical well-being as well as the mental well-being. Most part of this tough time is to our emotional well-being that might drag our physical well-being along. The key is to deal with our negative thinking while strengthening our healthy habits we spend most of the time at home. 

To deal with the negative thinking, you can limit the intake of the news, get involved with petty tasks around home, and allocate some time for meditation. Instead of suffering yourselves during the time, you may learn to strengthen your mental quality to deal with life, accepting things as they are while working the best you can to respond to the situation. Certain problems are real but not as big as our mind has manifested it. 

By reviewthebest May 1, 2020 03:28