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Some people are born a puzzle solver. They have sharp eyes and are very quick to solve the game, and they have had lots of fun, playing with the puzzles. Of course, so much fun and excitement are in games such as brand teasers or jigsaw puzzles, and it is a hobby of many. For our today list, we are going to recommend those the top best jigsaw puzzle table for puzzle lovers while some important accessories are suggested along. If you are one of the many people who are very excited about jigsaw puzzles, one of the tables below will give you relax and convenient space and posture to enjoy your time, discovering the pieces to their places.

However, it is worth noting a few things before you decide to purchase one of the best jigsaw puzzle tables of your favorite. The following are some tips and guides you might find very helpful to assist you in selecting the right one.

1. Table Measurement: There are various sizes and heights of a table, designed for jigsaw. So, before buying you should check out the various designs and see which one of them fit your space and you like the most. 

If you, for instance, often like to play your jigsaw puzzle on your bed, then a small puzzle board like Jumbl Puzzle Board would be best. But, if you rather need a complete table to place in your living room, a design like Wooden Fold-and-Go Jigsaw Table might suit you better.

2. Board Space: the amount of space of the Puzzle board should be right to the number of puzzle pieces you have got. If the puzzle is much more, it would be inconvenient. So, you can decide this based on the puzzle you often feel comfortable to challenge with.

3. Convenience: There are some jigsaw puzzle tables which are adjustable for the height while there are some else that come with collapsible legs you can fold to store or bring away with you easily. You may just notice the availability of these and decide accordingly.

4. Price: Generally, one nice jigsaw puzzle table is available at around 100 dollars. There are a few that cost over 200 dollars. If you instead want just the puzzle board, it is less than 100 dollars. This is just some extra information to give you an idea of what a jigsaw table roughly costs.

1.Bits and Pieces – Jumbo Size Wooden Puzzle Plateau-Smooth Fiberboard Work Surface – Four Sliding Drawers Complete This Puzzle Storage System

From Bits and Pieces, this is a jumbo Size puzzle Plateau. It is a smooth fiber board design, it has such a lovely wooden surface to let people enjoy their jigsaw puzzle playing conveniently. With the overall quality construction of the board, you will feel delightful with how this board 

serve your jigsaw puzzle game time.

And, with the 4 sliding drawers, people can safely leave the unfinished pieces where they are until the return. That is what is really important when challenging the jigsaw puzzle at home. Even more, the four different drawers can let people organize and categorize their puzzle pieces really well.

To the finish of the board as well as its surface, it has been a super smooth surface, sealing with the lacquer finishing. This is going to prevent warping from happening well. The overall design of this jigsaw board is simply and extremely practical to play jigsaw puzzles with. And, finally, this board is at a jumbo size of 26 x 34 inches. It will be right to the 1500 piece puzzle.

What Consumers’ Reviews Are Saying about This Jigsaw Puzzle Table

According to the number of reviews given to this puzzle table, it is fairly a popular choice as among those with more than 1000 comments, the majority has rated the table 5 stars. They are extremely happy with how this board serves them to play their jigsaw puzzle at home.

Many have thought of this jigsaw puzzle table as an excellent puzzle station. It has the value that gets people to feel it is worth every penny they spent for it. Among those, they are the very smooth finish, the four useful draws, and the sturdy and well-made construction of the board. Some even purchase this as a gift, and it works out great for jigsaw puzzle lovers.

There have been a couple of common complaints about this puzzle table. One is over the defective units. Some have reported their board arrived warped while the drawers stick. Some then said it is poorly made, and the workmanship is low. Another is the comment over its weight. They feel the board is a bit heavy.

2.jigthings JIGTABLE – Jigsaw Puzzle Table from Jigsaw Table

The second best jigsaw puzzle table is the table construction from jigthings called JIGTABLE. This is such a design to provide people with the most relaxing posture to challenge the pieces of their jigsaw puzzles. And, many people have found to love the table a lot.

That thanks to its brilliant features such as the easily-adjustable height, strong and sturdy frame with casters, lightweight that it can be moved around, and a very smooth surface Jigboard. Even more interesting, it can be installed with various sizes of the jigboards available. You can pick based on the puzzle pieces you attempt to challenge.

Talking about the price, this particular best jigsaw puzzle table costs almost double the average ones. It is more expensive, and it is because it has a better quality and convenience to offer people with a very nice, viable way to sit, relax and enjoy finding the pieces to match its spaces.

What Consumers’ Reviews Are Saying about This Jigsaw Puzzle Table

So much positive feedback from users has been given to this puzzle table. People have been satisfied with the experiences they have had with the table. One even said the table has tripled their fun when working with their jigsaw puzzle. Another comment goes to praise this puzzle table as the best one they have ever had.

A few others feel great with the sturdy construction as well as convenient features of the table such as the adjustable height, movable board, and durable frame with casters to roll it around easily and comfortably. As a result, many of them have highly recommended this puzzle table.

Meanwhile, some people have addressed a bit of difficulty over assembling when the package finally arrives. Several defective units might have been dispatched that get some to be upset with the improper puzzle tables of this design they have got. They thus believe the quality of the table construction is poor.

3.Foldaway Jigsaw Puzzle Table – Set Up Puzzle Fun Anywhere – Folds Flat for Easy Storage

This other design is the foldaway Jigsaw puzzle table. It is a very easy-to-set-up table design, and it works perfectly fine as for the jigsaw puzzle game time. It fits any place really fell, and you can just unfold the legs, it will be right to go. When you no longer need it, you might just fold it flat and leave it aside.

This jigsaw puzzle table is really nice and a must-have for puzzlers. Talking about the construction, it is a combination of composite wood and hardwood to make the final table very strong, durable and sturdy. The surface of the table is as well made to suit most puzzles really well so that it will not easily slip. 

In addition, the size of the surface of this table is big enough to handle the 1500 puzzle pieces well. You will not have to worry that it is not sizable when you want to challenge the big pack of the jigsaw puzzle. By the way, the actual height of this table is 28 inches tall while the table top is 26 x 34 inches.

What Consumers’ Reviews Are Saying about This Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Lots of reviews find the table fantastic. They like the way it looks as well as the sturdy stand it sits on. And, importantly, they find it comfortable to play their jigsaw puzzle on. Overall, it is really a satisfying jigsaw table for most of the reviewers. That gives later buyers a good confidence, surely.

Some others have got the table and finished their 1000 piece puzzles before coming to review, and they seem to love the table a lot. Even more, they said the table can be easily moved around as situations require. That is so delightful and convenient to use for this reason.

There are indeed a few complaints about the table, at the same time. Few users find it not fit with their height. They said it is taller than their expectation but agree the table is nice and well constructed. Several others got the table delivered broken or not properly set up to be sturdy as it should. To these, the table is not rightly recommended. 

4.Bits and Pieces – Jumbo Puzzle Wooden Plateau Lounger with Cover-Smooth Fiberboard Work Surface – Puzzle Storage System

Fourth into the list, let’s check out the Plateau loughner of this design. It is a favorite one for puzzlers, and the table is very well made. Actual measurement of the table is 15.6 x 35.5×15.5 inches. That is when the legs are extended. At the same time, its table top is 25.5 x 34.5 inches, and that will hold the 1500 piece puzzle nicely.

Talking about the finish, it is real craftsmanship. The table has been made easy to assemble, sturdy, and very strong you can use on the floor as well as in your bed. It is so convenient. In addition, it features the storage system in the drawer design. Puzzlers may use that to sort the pieces easily. After they are done, they can be slid off smoothly.

Of this jigsaw puzzle table, there is an additional heavy acetate cover added. This is a good idea and extra piece to make sure you protect the progressing jigsaw you have done well and make it safe to continue. Due to all these qualities, the puzzle table becomes one of my very favorite ones.

What Consumers’ Reviews Are Saying about This Jigsaw Puzzle Table

There have been a few qualities which are very outstanding to users’ experience, according to their reviews and comments. One of them is the build quality of the table. Many reviews have recognized that the table is quite strong and sturdy while it looks really nice.

 Another reason is over the smart design, allowing it to be easily moved around while some have found it nice to short things up over its surface. And, it is said the table handles 1500 pieces of the puzzle really well.

Some others have bought this table as a gift for their loved ones who love playing around with puzzles. The fact that the table gets a lot makes them very happy with the purchase. They are not end users, but their attempted end users love the way this table is constructed and designed, which is very favorable for the puzzle journey.

About 5% of all the reviews, they are on the contradicting side. They do not really like it and think this table is good enough. One angry review even said this table is a piece of junk, saying the MDF board is thin and looks cheap while the price is high. Only a few pieces of the table look like real wood, they added.

5.Adults Kids Children Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table Large Portable Folding Table for Puzzle Games Home Furniture – Suitable for 1500pcs Puzzles

Our last recommended and best Jigsaw Puzzle table is this wooden foldable table which is designed completely to favor your puzzling journey. This table is best for both kids and adults, and it comes in a large size to accommodate 1500 piece puzzles. Its foldability feature is another good advantage in addition to its sturdy design and nice looking build. 

When it is not in use, you can just fold it away and leave it aside. And, out of its sturdy and strong build from solid wood, you can expect this table to last for a long time. In addition, you can see the design of the table comes also with the wooden fence. That is to prevent the puzzle of falling down.

What Consumers’ Reviews Are Saying about This Jigsaw Puzzle Table

As among the very popular ones, this jigsaw puzzle table has the qualities and construction that get many people to be interested in it. Of that impression, a lot of users have actually experienced very good things from the table for their puzzling time. They feel a good sturdiness, out of the table design while it looks really nice. Other than this, they feel comfortable sitting with the table and enjoy their puzzle pieces discovery. 

As of now, because the number of the reviews are not as many, we could not see any negative comments from users toward this table yet. Normally, there are, and there will be for this. We will keep checking the customer review and fill up the gap of information once it is available. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

1.Buffalo Games – Signature Collection – Cinque Terre – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Sale

The first accessory you might want along with your best jigsaw puzzle table is the Jigsaw puzzle itself. And, we have one to recommend here. It is a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle with a beautiful picture of Cinque Terre in Italy. The Buffalo Games are among the very signature collection, and it is very favorable for many.

In addition, the finished size of the puzzle is 26.75 x 19.75 inches. You can measure your table surface size, and if it can accommodate this, then it will be a perfect choice if you like this too. Other than this, the pack of this will also include the added poster as extra help for you to play with the puzzle and solve it.

Of the quality, there is no doubt. This signature collection is made with high quality materials, giving a premium final quality to the puzzle and its each piece. It is a product of the USA, and you know that it comes at a high bar of the quality standard.

What Is Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle

To know how popular this jigsaw puzzle is, let’s look at the number of reviewers. As of now, this jigsaw puzzle table has been reviewed more than 1500 times. To a single product, this is a high number. Even more, the majority of the reviews rated this table 5 stars, showing the best satisfaction they have over the table.

Particularly, people are delighted with the high quality of the puzzle, the beautiful image in the puzzle, precise cut of each piece, and the joy they have in solving the puzzle piece by piece. In short, they have had lots of fun with this puzzle, and they are happy to have it.

What Isn’t Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle

A few instead did not rate the jigsaw puzzle positive enough. Some said their jigsaw puzzle of this comes with missing pieces while some others have got their out damaged out of the box. Either it is a defective pack or it is the delivery fault, they are not happy with what they have got.

2. LAVIEVERT Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat Puzzle Storage Saver Black Felt Mat

To some puzzle lovers, they enjoy solving their puzzle on the bed, for example. That way gives them no necessity to buy a strong and sturdy jigsaw table. With such a need, one of the best puzzle storage mats is enough. This kind of puzzle accessory is so smart that it allows a space for people to keep solving their puzzles while rolling it back and keeping it safe after each finish.

This is a nice idea, and it is really convenient when people can take the roll back, unroll, and play again any time anywhere they want to. This mat, at the same time, is at a perfect size 46 inch x 26 inch. To some, this has become the favorable gift they got for their beloved people, especially those who like solving problems. Even more, this comes with a money back guarantee. So if you feel like you do not like it after it is delivered, you can always request for your refund.

What Is Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Saver Mat

This puzzle saver mat is found to be the solution for many puzzle lovers. It has a nice design with a lot of convenient qualities. Even better, it has become a neat and safe way people can roll over their puzzles before accessing it again to continue. In short, people are happy with this because it is useful, well designed, and very reliable to keep the puzzle safe.

What Isn’t Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Saver Mat

A few reviews, in contrast, feel the roller is a bit bulky and hard to roll. A couple of them even damage their puzzle with the roller, and they blame the roller while a bit upset with it. Few others want it even more bigger for their needs. 

3. Lavievert Oxford Cloth Jigsaw Puzzle Case Puzzle Storage

Next puzzle table accessory you might also need is the Levievert Oxford Cloth Jigsaw case. This is a nice case which is designed very functional for the purpose of keeping the puzzle safe while easily bringing it away when needed. Of this puzzle storage bag, it is high quality felt and nylon fabric which are used. That makes it durable, lightweight, and very convenient. 

In addition to the interior design of the case, it has the soft and padded design that make sure the unfinished puzzles have been reinforced and safe inside. Particularly to the design, it has the six tray designs to sort out the puzzle pieces with additional 6 slots on the back to hold the trays. Other than this, the design of this bag is also with the detachable compartment where you can use it for various purposes related to your puzzle.

The bag, meanwhile, comes with the straps as well as the handle. That makes its complete design very lovely, portable and convenient to carry around with. It is such a very nice option if you are to look for such a case for your puzzle. However, as to the picture, the Puzzle is not included in this pack, only the bag itself is.

What Is Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Bag

Lots of reviews have a common impression toward this puzzle bag, and they feel like the design has thought of everything. The design simply has served the purpose very well related to keeping, sorting and organizing the pieces of the puzzle. Basically, with the bag, people can keep their unfinished task safe while it is convenient and comfortable to be around.

What Isn’t Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Bag

At the same time that the majority of people have liked this puzzle bag, there are those who do not. Mostly, it is because they have actually got the defective bags from the sellers. They then feel it is cheaply made, is not functional and is useless.

4. 1000 Piece Puzzle Caddy-Porta-Puzzle Jigsaw Caddy

Next to check out is this Puzzle Jigsaw Caddy. This is another option when it comes to a need for a puzzle board. This is a design that will allow you to build and store your puzzle safely. While it has been made nice-looking and high quality, it has some unique features such as the center workspace for jigsaw solution, the side panels for sorting in addition to the removable panels which are to cover and keep the unfinished puzzle safely for storage.

This board is designed to be very portable, in the meantime. Should you need to bring it along during your trip or travel, you will find it extremely convenient. The actual measurement of this caddy is 21 ¾ x 30 ¼ inches, which is a comfortable size with enough workspace to travel into your puzzle adventure. 

What Is Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Board

This jigsaw puzzle board has been a lovely choice for many, according to what they have said in their reviews. Generally, the majority of people who have bought and been back to place the review are very delighted with the board. They said the design of this board is a winner. It serves well for the purpose while the build of the board is high quality and functional for the uses.

What Isn’t Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Some have highlighted some design flaws in the board such as mentioned bumps and buckles which disturbs the puzzle pieces in some ways. The fact that it does not stay flat has upset a couple of users, and they have rated it accordingly.

5. Ravensburger Sort and Go Jigsaw Puzzle Accessory – Sturdy and Easy to Use Plastic Puzzle Shaped Sorting Trays

The last best accessory for a jigsaw puzzle is this Ravensburger sort. It is basically a sturdy and durable sorting tray which is extremely easy to use and helpful to let you find and sort out your puzzle pieces well before finding their places. The tray comes with 6 stackable sorting trays, and they are designed to handle the 100 piece puzzle well.

Of the six different trays, then people can categorize their puzzle pieces into different shapes, colors, or patterns. That is a good helpful thing to finally find the solution. The trays, in addition, are well linked and can be assembled easily. With the tray, you can simply stack and store them for your fun, puzzle time.

What Is Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Accessory

People feel this is fully worth their money. They have found the tray extremely lovely and useful to sort the many pieces of the puzzle to make things a little bit easier. And, overall, among more than 1800 reviews, 84% of the review gave this a 5 star rating, showing the overwhelming positive feedback to the tray.

What Isn’t Great about this Jigsaw Puzzle Accessory

Of course, there are some complaints too. One says their delivered pack comes only with 5 trays, not 6 as advertised. Some else said even with the 6 trays, they are not enough for the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

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