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Are you checking out for the best everyday backpack which is lightweight, can store your laptop, good for travel or school? If that is what the purpose you are coming here for, you are right. We have got a top top list of the best everyday backpack to recommend to you today. They are among the super designs, best constructions, fully functional, and very inexpensive. 

Indeed, through our following list, there are the ones that could cost more than 100 dollars, but we also include some which are the best everyday backpack under 100 dollars.  Of course, each one of them owns a different price while having different looks and usability. You can browse through the list, check only those which are right to your requirements, and study more about the particular ones before deciding to purchase.

Plenty of them are available, and there is no need to rush to make the decision. You can take a bit of time to thoroughly examine the ones you are interested in and skip the ones you do not like to save time. However, if asked for the best among the best everyday backpack, we would recommend you this KOPACK Slim Backpacks for an affordable one. However, if you do not mind the price, you may learn more about Peak Design Everyday Backpack. It is more roomy, with more compartments, and integrated with a cushioning pad, which is a better design for a long trip.

1.Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L

With plenty of features for your everyday use, this Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a very functional design, just as you can see in the picture. It is made for a big space of up to 30L, which is great when you often have a long trip. It gives you more storage capacity. Even more, it is smartly engineered to be extendable to hold your DSLR or SLR camera bodies and the lenses securely.

To the compartments, one sleeve is spared for your laptop. It is well-padded for protection and could accommodate up to the 16 inch size. In addition to this, the backpack features 3 dividers you can use for drones, cameras, and lenses differently. Regarding the backpack materials, 400D nylon canvas is the shell while wheather-proof zippers at a premium quality are integrated to enhance fine protection during a bad weather day. Along with these, there are also pockets where you can store your batteries, memory cards, and other accessories conveniently.

What Is This Backpack Best about

  • It is best for everyday use, laptop, DSLR, and accessories
  • Materials: 400D nylon Canvas
  • Storage Capacity: 30L
  • Laptop Sleeve: Yes with good soft padding

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

People generally feel quite satisfied with the versatile functionalities of the bag. That makes it truly an everyday backpack, some have mentioned. Some reviews stressed on their like for the big storage space of the backpack while it includes the dividers. That gives them freedom to arrange their items while being sure all are well-protected against hitting another.

While many people agree that the backpack looks unique, stylish and very lovely, the price is eye-watering. It is way more expensive than many other everyday backpacks. Meanwhile, one reviewer said they expected an even bigger space from the bag than that.

2.Lightweight Backpack for School, VASCHY Classic Basic Water Resistant Casual Daypack for Travel with Bottle Side Pockets

After learning about our first best everyday backpack above, if you feel that it is expensive and more than enough for you, you can switch your interest to this Lightweight Backpack instead. It is a simple but lovely design in many beautiful colors to select from. This backpack is smaller  and is ideal for school. Its main material is high quality polyester. It is well-made and is a good construction for longevity.

The package weighs only 0.36kg and the polyester material has made it perfectly water resistant. It is best and very convenient for carrying around to and from your school. In that, compartments and bottle side pockets are there to ensure you have enough space for your things. There will not be worries about the zippers, in the meantime. High quality ones are integrated. The shoulder strap, on the other hand, is padded well for a good comfort.

What Is This Backpack Best about

  • It is best for school and everyday use
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 0.36 kg
  • Big compartments and side pockets

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

So far, there have been more than 1700 reviews made to this backpack. Importantly, the majority of them are so satisfied and delighted with the backpack. They feel attracted to the design of the backpack while some find it storing more than what they thought. It is a good, roomy space there is in the backpack, in other words. Many others simply said the bag is exactly right for everyday use.

There might be some defective units being delivered to people. A few have said the bag is cheaply made and found unraveling quickly after being used. They added that the design is flimsy while the overall quality is poor. About 4% of all reviews feel this way or similar.

3.Solo Everyday Max Hybrid Backpack

Solo Everyday Max Backpack is one of the fine designs you might be interested in. The backpack has such a handsome design while detail to attention over the construction of the bag is there. And, the design fully focuses on serving the everyday lifestyle of school, travel and work. These have made the backpack very versatile for use with good functionality.

Internally, compartments and roomy space are there. It can accommodate a laptop up to 17.3 inches. It has also been fully padded for a good comfort as well as protection of your laptop. In addition, it features a smaller pocket where you can safely store your tablet or iPad. If you are to use this bag for travel, then the shoe compartment is extremely useful. The bag spares a separate compartment, just for your shoes. Lastly, you will feel a good comfort out of its padded carrying handle and straps. 5 year guarantee is included.

What Is This Backpack Best about

  • It is best for travel, work and everyday use
  • Durable construction and handsome design
  • Roomy space plus a dedicated shoe compartment
  • 5 year guarantee

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

One of the big things people love about this backpack is its roomy space with lots of zipper pockets. People feel good that many things can be stored safely within the backpack. Especially during their travels, it is a good one to bring with them. Some also mentioned the fact that the backpack comes with a dedicated shoe compartment. They love that so much. And, generally, the backpack is said to be very versatile for use.

Meanwhile, some reviews gave comments for improvement over the zippers. Their ones got broken after a few weeks of use. Few can fortunately fix them themselves while others can only feel bad about it. To one reviewer, the decision is to return it because it is much bigger than expected.

4.Veegul Stylish Doctor Style Multipurpose Travel Backpack Everyday Backpack for Men Women Dual Pockets Black Polyester

Fourth best backpack design falls to the Weegul Stylish bag. It is a backpack design for everyday use and for both men and women. So many colors are available while they are very lovely. This backpack, in addition, has a smart design for multipurpose including travel. It does not only look attractive but very functional while lightweight.

The bag has high quality polyester oxford as its materials along with metal hardware and padded straps for comfortable carrying. To the space, it is so roomy and spacious. Plenty of things can be stored on the zipper and side pockets while the big compartment is up to 18 L and can handle your laptop, tablets, camera, a makeup bag or even a lunch box. It is because of this versatility that makes it the best everyday backpack design to recommend.

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • Best for everyday use, travel, shopping and work
  • Youthful and attractive design
  • Spacious and roomy compartments
  • Storage Capacity: 18 L + lots of pockets
  • For both men and women

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

Some individuals have been extremely delighted with the backpack, saying it will be their carry on forever. They have got the backpack, used it, and experienced a very good service out of it. That is the reason. Some others like its cool design, spacious compartment and lightweight construction.

Though people feel the backpack is gorgeous, a few of them get the backpack ripped within weeks of use. To some, it happens on the strap.  That gets a minor group of the users upset with the backpack, feeling disappointed with the quality of this backpack. People with such a feedback account for about 7 percent among more than 700 reviews, the total number. 

5.High Sierra Everyday Backpack

The fifth and as well one of the best lightweight backpacks you can check is the High Sierra bag. This lovely design is in a black, nice construction. It comes with a shoulder drop of 15 inch while its big compartment can handle a 15 inch laptop really well. You can expect good protection for your laptop by its padded air mesh. Meanwhile, a good carrying comfort is there.

In addition, the backpack features the side pocket where water bottles can be stored there conveniently and within easy reach. You will also see the organizer pocket within this backpack design, and that adds extra space and convenience to your arrangement. The actual dimension of the backpack, on the other hand, is 18.5 x 12.5 x 6 inches.

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • Best for everyday use, school, work, and travel
  • Cool design with big compartment
  • Good padding and airmesh for high protection
  • Durable construction for a good longevity

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

This backpack has been perceived by many users as a perfect laptop backpack. They said the design is just right for the daily office commute. It is well-made while having a good space and pocket designs for many small things to be stored. A good organizer pocket of the backpack impresses some for its usefulness.

At the same time, one reviewer does not feel the backpack roomy enough for work. They have got the backpack, started to use it and felt it is not big enough for their needs for work purposes. The zipper pockets are as well said to be narrow.

6.Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Zip

This number six in our list is another Peak Design of the best everyday backpack. It has a simple but stylish design. It is quite attractive while the construction is strong and smart, leaving up to 20L of storage space. The design of this everyday backpack is smart in a way that it has the dividers which you can use to customize and organize the compartments according to the size of your things. That is, thus, ideal for a laptop, camera, and more.

In addition, it features the UltraZip zipper which is very durable and smooth you can use to access the top and sides pockets. The top one can be open wide to store things such as your laptop. Even more, it has a sleeve, integrated to protect your laptop. The straps are also nicely done to the backpack, and they can be hidden if you want. Finally, you can rest assured that this backpack is extremely durable by its high quality nylon canvas shell with double coated DWR.

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • It is best for travel and everyday use
  • Material: Nylon Canvas
  • Space: 20L
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Dividers for customized organization

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

Many buyers and users have agreed that the backpack is a great one. It is simple, and it is the best, they added. They could smell its premium quality when it comes to the construction of the bag. Other than this, some other reviews stress that they like the compartment design and its overall look a lot. It is said to be so convenient and serving, especially the included dividers.

A few review while they feel the backpack is cool and can store their DSLR camera well, one can not fit their 15 inch laptop in, and another wants more of the small side pockets for a water bottle, for example. To these, they feel a bit upset with the backpack.

7.Himawari School Backpack for Student Mini Cute Waterproof Casual Daypack for Every Day, 12 inches SmallTravel Bag

Next is the Himawari Backpack. Like its title says, this backpack is a design with focus on making it the best school backpack for students. Its cut design is so lovely with additional leather decoration, and it is made perfectly waterproof and scratch resistant. The backpack is also great for daypack and everyday uses.

In addition to its high quality nylon material, the backpack is attached with metal zippers to ensure more of the strength and durability. To the main compartment, double zipper closure is integrated. That is to make sure it keeps your iPad or laptop well and safely. However, it is worth noticing that the laptop compartment of this bag is only right to 11 inch laptop as the actual dimension of the bag is not that big, 11.8 x 9 x 4 inches.

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • It is best for school and everyday use
  • Materials: waterproof and scratch resistant nylon
  • Beautiful and lovely design
  • Durable and well-made

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

Some users find this as a super cute backpack. They love the way it looks so much in addition to its smart design with roomy space. Of this, people feel good too that it has two sizes available, the mini and large ones. Then buyers can select according to the size they need. As the nylon material of the bag is waterproof and scratch resistant, it makes the bag new for long. That is another plus, some have been happy with.

A few have got this back, experience using it, and feel a bit upset, meanwhile. Commonly, they have encountered the design failure of the bag. One is not having the pad at its bottom to protect the laptop, and another said their one broke within minutes.

8.Fjallraven – Kanken, Re-Kanken Mini Recycled Backpack for Everyday Use, Heritage and Responsibility Since 1960

With its lovely, simple design, this Fjallravel backpack is a mini design which has been a popular choice for many. The backpack is best for everyday use while it is small, portable and convenient to carry around. Its main material is high quality polyester. It is well made for good durability. The shoulder strap, on the other hand, drops 11.4 inch.

To the actual size of the bag, it is 29 inches for height and 20 inches for width. It is not as big as the travel backpack while it is roomy enough for daily use. It totally depends on the backpack you are looking for. If a little one is enough for you, then this very simple design is the right backpack you can get. And, with its zippered compartments, they welcome your everyday essentials well.

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • It is best for everyday essentials and daily use
  • Mini design, portable, but high quality
  • Simple but lovely design with many color choices
  • Highly recommended by buyers and users

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

Many have been very delighted with the backpack. They are mostly those who like and look for mini backpacks. That is why they said this is exactly what they are looking for. In addition, they can feel a high quality make out of the backpack. A few have also used this as a substitute for tote, and they like it that way. Generally, for minimalists, the bag is just perfect.

One satisfied buyer, however, added that their one arrives dirty. Moreover, to some, they feel the bag is tinny while they are looking for the ones that are much bigger. To the user group, this bag is not right and favorable. So, they tend to rate it less stars.

9.Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L, Travel, Camera, Laptop Bag with Tablet Sleeve, V2

This backpack is the third design in our list which is from Peak Design. It is selected for our review because it has done really well so far, in terms of actual users’ experience. Many have loved the design though it is a bit expensive. However, just like you could see in the picture, this backpack is functional.

It comes with Ultra Zips for easy and comfortable access while the Flexfold dividers allow for a good customization of your organization within the backpack compartments. That gives a lot of creativity and more storage space including a dedicated laptop sleeve and internal pockets for small accessories. Aside from this, 2 L of space is expandable by its MagLatch hardware design should you need it. 

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • It is perfect for everyday use, especially travel
  • Big compartments with three dividers
  • Brilliant design with lots of space
  • Capacity: 20 L + 2 L Expandable
  • Lifetime Guarantee

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

Lots of reviews are on the side of this backpack, saying it looks nice and is very functional. They added that the backpack is well-designed and well-sized for everyday uses. Likewise, awesome quality make is found, and the actual service of the backpack is extremely satisfied. It is, to many, a simple high quality, beautiful backpack. It is a great value in exchange with the money spent.

On the contrary, a few comments have been addressed for improvement from some reviews. One is saying the side pockets simply do not open enough while the internal ones are too loose. Zippers can also be much better since some face difficulty in zipping open and close the backpack.

10.KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief Business Computer Bag College School 15 15.6 inch Gray

The very last and best everyday backpack is the KOMPACK Slim bag. It is a lovely design for college school as well as travel. To everyday use, the design is just perfect. While it has spaces for accessories and other small things, it comes with an anti-theft laptop zone. The compartment is well designed under the shoulder strap. It is there but looks hidden. 

Other than the features, it has the detachable USB cable where you can charge your devices within the backpack conveniently. However, the power bank is not included with this package. Besides, there are up to 10+ slots to offer a good organization you can do with the compartment. The other very nice feature of the backpack is the back support system which is made extremely comfortable. That adds a good value to your experience using the backpack. 

What Is This Backpack Best for

  • It is best for school and everyday use
  • High quality materials, tear resistant oxford, 4 tooth zippers and more
  • Anti-theft laptop zone
  • Attached with detachable USB cable
  • Good cushioning for high comfort

What Users Are Saying about the Backpack

The bag is said to be an excellent design for school and work. It has lots of pockets while the big compartments are nice, especially the one for a laptop. Another reviewer who is a mature college student said the bag is fantastic for him. He studies film and TV, and the bag serves his purposes very well. The fact that it is durable and heavy duty is also the reason people highly recommend the bag.

On the other hand, a few feel a bit upset with their bags of this. One said within weeks, they can see the seams of their bag ripping off. Another wants and expects it to be even bigger. Some others have similarly addressed the defective bags they have got, making them less excited about the bag. This accounts for about 5% of all reviews made to the backpack.

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