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When one is passionate about a skill, he or she will try their best, go through pains, and gradually gain the skills they are looking for. Just like ballet dancers, it is a tough journey they need to shape their bodies to finally be able to perform the best ballet dance they dream about. Of that, stretching the foot, strengthening the toe points and making the arch flexible are necessary things to gain in order to do the ballet dancing well. 

Coming here, it is very likely that you might be so passionate about ballet dancing and might have started the dance lesson. That is why you are looking for the best ballet foot stretcher to train and customize your feet so that you can perform your ballet dance to its best. Of course, in this review, we have got a list of the top best ballet foot stretchers for your consideration. These ones are among the highly-rated choices by previous users, and they have served people with so much satisfaction.

Even more, the best leg stretchers have also been brought  as an additional review for your check in case you might need one of them too along with the foot stretcher. You can go down further after the top picks of the best ballet foot stretchers, you will see another list of the best leg stretchers we have briefly reviewed and recommended. It may take you a few minutes to go through these, but it is likely you will find your best ballet dancing accessories you like.

Top Picks of the Best Ballet Foot Stretchers

1.StretchPRO (by Official TurnBoard) – The Affordable Foot Stretcher

The first best ballet foot stretcher to review for your consideration is this StretchPRO by the Official TurnBoard. Among our many foot stretchers available online, this particular design is one of the top choices, highly rated by previous buyers. And, it is generally found to be a very favorable one for ballet dancers. Moreover, it is available at a very affordable price.

The ballet foot stretcher is nicely designed in pink with an arch shape to function great for the stretching purpose while high flexibility is there. That means the foot stretcher will help ballet dancers improve the shape of their arches and strengthen their feet to achieve good foot technique and position. It will be a good mate along the way one improves themselves as a professional ballet dancer. 

Talking about the quality, this stretcher is surely at a high standard as it is a product made in the USA. Meanwhile, it is a well-made construction that is tough and is going to last durably long for your on-going stretching exercise.  In addition to the foot stretcher itself, there are included silicone sleeves and 2 other heel cushions to add extra comfort for your foot stretching exercise.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Ballet Foot Stretcher

Lots of ballet dancers, through their reviews, have rated this ballet foot stretcher as the A+. They find the design pretty good while comfort in the stretcher is outstanding. Some said they could see a good difference in their feet after just a few weeks stretching their feet with the stretcher. They then really recommend this foot stretcher to both young ballet dancing students and professionals alike.

Some others have expressed their satisfaction over the overall quality of this foot stretcher, saying it looks nice and is very well-made while the cost is low and affordable. A few have added that this stretcher is not only good for ballet dancers but also for those with arthritis.

At the same time, there are several complaints to address too. Because this foot stretcher is made of plastic, some have found the latch easily broken. They then prefer the wood stretcher more. Another comment is over the slipper because this stretcher is not attached with the non-slippery silicone at its bottom.

2.SuperiorArch Superior Arch Foot Stretcher for Ballet and Gymnastics

Another affordable and best foot stretcher you might also want to check is this SUperiorArch Foot stretcher. It is very nicely designed and is extremely functional to help ballet dancers and gymnasts exercise their feet effectively. And, this additionally has a custom design with added incline molded to the wood base. This gives extra support to the under arch.

Likewise, the exclusive SuperiorArch is designed in a way that it gives more room for heels to rotate down, preventing the impingement of the heel bones. And, just as you can see in the picture, there is extra premium foam added on purpose to make the foot comfortable on this foot stretcher during your exercise. That is really a good feature to have on such a product. 

The velcro overlapping flap is another good feature and favorable quality in the foot stretcher. It is adjustable, and it is going to let your foot, of any size, fit well to the stretcher, meaning you will be able to comfortably exercise your foot stretching with this, regardless of the size of your feet. The instructional videos of how to use this foot stretcher are also available in case you need them.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Ballet Foot Stretcher

So many people have been impressed by this ballet foot stretcher, saying it gives them the perfect arch. And, the result can be seen within a few weeks. One user said she got this foot stretcher, exercised with it 10 min each for each foot and twice a day. After about a month, there is a noticeable improvement to the arch, which is very good for the ballet dancing development.

Some other reviews have noted that this ballet foot stretcher looks very lovely while they can see it is so helpful to their toe point flexibility. They are happy about the fact that this foot stretcher is effective for them. Another review instead said she broke her toe, and it is this foot stretcher which helps her straighten it back after the surgery. And, it is a happy buy for her because it really works.

There have been some complaints along with positive feedback too. One review was quite disappointing with the foot stretcher, saying the cushion is too thick while the velcro belt is too wide for them. It, in short, is not comfortable to have them stretch their feet. Another feels it is just an okay one. They still prefer the wooden one more after having tried this out. 

3.Ballet Foot Stretcher – Arch Enhancer for Dancers, Gymnasts and Other Athletes by LISH – Improve Arch Shape and Flexibility, Comes with Bonus Carry Bag

With its beautiful design, this ballet foot stretcher is available in three colors, black, emerald, and dark pomegranate. You can choose the most loveable one to your taste if you are to pick this up. However, in terms of quality and effectiveness, this is a smart foot stretch design that will serve you a good improvement over your arch shape as well as the flexibility.

The shape, engineered into the LISH Foot Stretcher, is to offer a gentle but dynamic stretch to finally give you the arch shape you want, the flexibility and the use you want for your ballet dancing. Even more, padding is added for comfort. Of that, 2 inches of the high quality foam is added throughout the stretcher. 

There is not a worry either about the fit. This foot stretcher has an adjustable hook and loop overlapping flab. It is going to securely fit your feet of any size. By the way, the overall measurement of this foot stretcher is 17 x 5 x 2.5 inches. It is not too big or long to bring along should you need it during your travel. The stretcher is basically designed best for both ballet dancers and athletes.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Ballet Foot Stretcher

The majority of reviewers who have bought and tried this foot stretcher out have highly recommended this. Lots of them are delighted and satisfied with how this foot stretcher serves them during their feet stretching exercise. They could see a good improvement over the shape of their arch as well as flexibility. It, in other words, helps them greatly in advancing their ballet dancing skills.

One review said he was reluctant to buy this for his daughter. Nonetheless, it turns out great. He said his daughter likes this and found it very helpful for her ballet dancing, and the stretcher itself is at an excellent quality. A few others similarly express a good like over this, saying it did improve the toe points really well.

A couple of users have some comments, in the meantime. One feels the stretcher of this design is a bit short for them while another said it is not a very convenient design but works good enough.  

4.BALLETFOOTSTRETCH The Original Footstretcher by David Campos- for Ballet Dancers and Gymnasts

Ballet Foot Stretch is another choice to look at, and it is a wooden design by David Campos. The foot stretcher is totally made for ballet dancers and Gymnasts. Two sizes, regular and large, are available for the different kinds of foot, and both of them have had a very ergonomic shape to properly function and support your foot stretching.

The foot stretcher is made in Europe and from high quality wood. Thus, its quality standard is extremely high you can rely on. In addition to its very supporting shape for the purpose of training and stretching the foot, this has become a very recommended ballet foot stretcher. If you are training to be a professional ballet dancer, you, of course, will find this stretcher pretty helpful.

Other than this, this is a wooden construction, and it simply has no metal joints, sharp screws or any plastic materials on it. It is going to be a brilliant patented design for you while the price is still quite affordable for everyone. With all these features and quality, this foot stretcher has become one of the very popular designs there are now.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Ballet Foot Stretcher

Having tried this foot stretcher and experienced a good arch improvement, so many people have rated the product 5 stars. They are happy with the design, satisfied with the build quality, and very in love with the stretcher. One review said they are adult ballet learners and find this very helpful over the journey to learn ballet dancing, seeing the change happen quickly.

Another review was a dad buying this for his daughter. He considered this as a great purchase as he could see his daughter making a good and fast development over their ballet dancing technique, with the help of this foot stretcher. Many others simply said the quality of this foot stretcher is amazing, and they love the way it helps them exercise their foot stretching.

A couple of reviews, on the other hand, feel the ballet foot stretcher of this design is a bit expensive. Indeed, compared to the plastic foot stretcher which is around 50 dollars, this wooden design is double the price, costing more than 100 dollars. Nevertheless, the durability and longevity are different, accordingly.

5.NeoMan Wooden Foot Stretcher with Pull Strap for Ballet and Gymnastics

The fifth and last best ballet foot stretcher for our today review is this NeoMan Stretcher. It is also a wooden design, and it comes with the pull strap. It has an ergonomic curve shape that is perfectly supportive for ballet dancers and gymnasts. The actual measurement of this foot stretcher is 28.3 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches, which is a very good length for this kind of stretching tool.

If you are looking for a foot stretching trainer, then this NeoMan Wooden Foot Stretcher is among the top choices you can find. Other than solid wood material and the ergonomic shape it has, the foot stretcher comes with a turn board, foot reflexology, rubber sleeves, 2 foam pads, and a stretch band. These are accessories you may need and will find them very helpful during your foot training.

This wooden foot stretcher is now available in three beautiful colors, the pink, the light blue, and the wooden look. You may pick your favorite color. But, they are all amazing for this kind of foot stretching training. To the price, it is way more affordable than our first wooden foot stretcher above. It is much less than 100 dollars, which is basically similar to those of the plastic foot stretchers.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Ballet Foot Stretcher

People touched and tried the ballet foot stretcher, and many of them, through their reviews, feel so good about this stretcher. They said it seems so well made while its quality curve is great for foot training. They added that it is an excellent foot stretcher to work with when needing an improved flexibility and arch shape to advance the ballet dancing skills.

Some others expressed love over the beautiful color as well as the look of this foot stretcher, saying it looks so nice and loveable. Another review said it takes just about a month, and they could see a good improvement over their arch stretching with the foot stretcher.

Top Picks of the Best Leg Stretchers

1.FIGROL Leg Stretcher Steel Material,Leg Split Stretching Machine Stretching Equipment Flexibility for Ballet, Yoga,Dance, MMA, Taekwondo & Gymnastics

FIGROL Leg Stretcher is our first top best leg stretcher you can check out if you are looking for this too. It is mainly made from steel material, and it is quite thick and heavy duty. It is constructed strong and durable while having added EVA foam grip for safety. It is not going to be slippery. The length of this let stretcher, in the meantime, is easily adjustable. You can do so by the 5 holes left over the pole. That will suit you particularly according to individual height.

The handle of this leg stretcher has also been added with the comfortable non-slip foam for comfort as well as scratching prevention. And, it is highly recommended that before working with the leg stretcher, one should warm up their wrist and ankle while keeping the back straight. One then can start the pull slowly and exercise their leg stretching.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Leg Stretcher

Among all the reviews, the majority has shown they like and are satisfied with this leg stretcher a lot. Some said it really stretches out the leg, and they can train their leg stretching well with this tool. It really works. The fact that it does the job well that people like and rate it as very recommended.

Some others agree that there is a good value in this leg stretcher, and they are also happy with its affordable price while finding it surprisingly effective. Being so easy to use is another reason people give this a big plus in addition to all the features they need and can find from this leg stretcher design.

Instead, for one user, they are not so happy with this, saying the middle bar is too long for them while it does not provide the 180 degree stretching. Another negative comment goes saying this is cheaply made and flimsy.

2.EverStretch Leg Stretcher: Get More Flexible with The Door Flexibility Trainer PRO Premium Stretching Equipment for Ballet, Dance, MMA, Taekwondo & Gymnastics. Your own Portable Stretch Machine

Other than the metal leg stretcher, this second option is this very convenient leg stretching strap from EverStretch. This is designed to achieve full splits fast while the strap itself is extremely flexible so that people can use it to improve their leg flexibility quickly. This leg stretcher strap will help dancers achieve balance and range of motion over their natural body. It, as a result, allows them to train and perform their dancing to the best.

The installation and use of this strap is pretty easy and practical. One simply just needs to put the door anchor over a good sturdy door post, get the door closed, and pull the strap through the square ring. One then can move effortlessly with the strap. It is as simple as that for one to practice with this leg stretching strap.

The overall design of this stretching strap is so superior, in the meantime. It will not damage any part of your door while staying put securely. Foam has been added such as to the door anchor to prevent scratching. Other than this, the strap will come to you with the lifetime and money back warranty should you not find it good enough.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Leg Stretcher

Among more than 230 reviews, this leg stretcher gets rated 4.7 stars out of 5. That is a very positive feedback people have had over this leg stretcher. Many reviews are happy with the services of the stap. Some have got it to train their legs for their dances while some others have got it to train their Taekwondo stretches. Most of them find the strap very helpful for the purpose.

For a few other reviews, they notice that this leg stretching strap is such a simple and well-made system they find very effective for the leg stretching training. After a while, they have noticed a good improvement is achieved over the flexibility of their legs. Along with its excellent quality make, many of the reviewers have highly recommended this.

In contrast, there are few negative comments some have given to this leg stretcher too. One simply said they find it hard to look for a good door to use this with. Another was thinking there should be an instruction added for beginners to start practicing with the strap.

3.Popsport Pro Leg Stretcher 330LBS Leg Stretch Machine Heavy Duty Steel Frame Leg Stretcher Training Fitness Equipment Leg Stretcher for Home Gym

The third best leg stretcher you can check out is this PopSport Pro machine. It is not a metal stretcher, it is not a strap, but it is a stretching machine, designed to help you train your leg stretching and make it more flexible. It is great as a home gym and training when you are doing your dancing or martial arts, for example.

Talking about the construction, it is a high quality one, having been made from durable materials such as the heavy duty steel frame and high quality padded seat. For stability and comfort, this leg stretching machine is so superior while its stretching functionality is just smart and effective.

With the machine and enough training, you will start to gradually make your legs very flexible for your dancing or other sports you might want to learn. The padded seat, in the meantime, is extremely adjustable, coming along with the backrest, foot rest, and gear system. All these features and qualities are to serve you for effective practice as well as comfort during your exercise time.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Leg Stretcher

People generally find the leg stretching machine very easy to assemble, solid as a strong construction, effective for the leg stretching training, and a very smart design. That is why so many of the reviews are on the side of this leg stretching machine, rated and reviewed extremely positive.

Some others love the fact that it allows them to train their legs and stretch them effectively little by little. They also agree that its effectiveness is good while the system is quite sturdy with its metal frame. Space saving is another reason some have liked this so much. Importantly, most agree that it does the job really well for their leg stretching exercise.

On the contrary, there are a few negative reviews made to this leg stretcher too. Some have shown their dissatisfaction over the item. One said the machine works great for them for a couple of weeks before it stops functioning properly. Another has got a defective unit. The wheels come broken, out of the box.

4.tchrules Leg Stretcher, Door Flexibility & Stretching Leg Strap – Great for Ballet Cheer Dance Gymnastics or Any Sport Leg Stretcher Door Flexibility Trainer Premium Stretching Equipment

The fourth best leg strap for leg stretching training is this techrules stretcher. It is another great choice if you are a ballet dancer or gymnast who needs to train and stretch your legs for better flexibility. And, with the help of this leg strap, you are going to quickly be able to achieve your full splits. 

In addition, lots of qualities in the leg strap are to add more of the comfort during your training, and surely, with the leg strap, one can do it with confidence because only high quality materials are used. In that, it is the 150gr cotton strap and the 6mm solid D-ring to work together and finally bring out a strong system you can rely one for a secure hold of your leg. That gives you confidence to do it your best.

The application is easy, and you can do it by putting the door anchor over a sturdy door post you can find. You then can close the door and pull the strap through the ring, and you are good to go. This leg strap, moreover, will not, by any means, scratch or damage your door. It will be all good for you to try it out and see the improvement quickly.

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Leg Stretcher

Many users agree that this is a really nice leg stretcher strap. They feel comfortable with the strap while experiencing a high quality out of the strap. Importantly, they find it very helpful and effective to train their leg stretching with the strap. Usually, after a couple of weeks training with the leg strap, some report that they could feel the muscles start to wake up and become more flexible.

One of the users bought this for her 9 years old daughter, and she has seen her improving the flexibility of her legs very quickly, having trained with the leg strap. Some others like the fact that it is so easy to apply the leg strap and practice their leg stretching almost anywhere as long as one can find a proper door to hang the strap on. 

At the same time, a few users seem to be so disappointed with the strap. One said it broke the first time their daughter tried this strap out. A couple others simply said there should be instructions and guides coming along on how to use this leg stretcher strap.

5.Yi Xuan 3 Bar Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Gymnastic Portable Flexibility Stretching Machine Stretch Strength Training Leg Machines Yoga Exercise Gym

The very last best leg stretcher to see is this Yi Xuan leg stretcher. It is a three bar construction. And, it has a heavy duty quality to perform a great support for your leg stretching training. It is very strong, and it is the right stretching machine for yogists, dancers, or gymnasts who look for better flexibility in their legs.

The leg stretcher of this design is at the same time very portable while being lightweight, and you can assemble it easily and quickly. In addition, it has an adjustable rod with a pad. There are up to 6 holes on the pole where you can select to adjust the rod to where you feel the best fit for your training each time.

The stainless steel material of the leg stretcher assures a good durability for you while the added thick non-slip foam is extra safety during your training with the tool. As for the foam, there are an additional 2 spares of them included along with one strap. Of this leg stretcher, you can be confident and rest assured that it will serve your leg stretching training so well. 

Customers’ Opinions and Experience with the Leg Stretcher

This leg stretcher is said to be a simple but very sturdy design. It does what it says it does really well. Many users find the leg stretcher of this design extremely effective in terms of leg stretching training. People also see a good difference quickly after training with the leg stretcher.

As a result of the high satisfaction from the majority of the users who have come to review this leg stretcher, it gets rated very high and positive. It then becomes one of the very recommended best leg stretchers one can find online. 

Other than these, there are also a few negative comments. One review was not happy, saying their one works great for the first couple of weeks. After that, the spring leg becomes broken. Another just could not figure out how their leg stretcher works and have thought their one a defective unit.

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